worn out pin rudder

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I bought a used 01 dagger cypress kayak. Factory rudder, problem is that through hole on the stern is worn/wollowed out.So the rudder is very loose and has alot play(1/4"-1/2") Looking for suggestions on what to do to fix it? My only idea is to have a custom delrin flanged tube insert made.

If there is enough material around the
rudder hole why not drill it round again and use a press fit bushing with an inside diameter slightly larger than your rudder shaft. Hopefully the bushing will be of material harder than the plastic and outlast the kayak.

worn out pin rudder

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Jaw, Press in bushing is what I'm talking about. Delrin is a slippery plastic that is tougher that the kayak pastic.

Any suggestions where to get a bushing? Carr mcaster comes to mind.

Try Grainger…
I think the last time I looked they carry different sized drill bushings. Should work? Hopefully?