Worn out seat in Pungo

I have an approximately nine year old 12 foot Wlderness Systems Pungo and the seat fabrick is getting badly worn and prone to tearing — perhaps the cloth has weakened through rotting. IS there some way to replace the seat, preferably with a beter one? For instance, I like the new Wilderness System Pungo seating system, but I am at a loss as to how to proceed with repairs. Any one have an idea?


Some people…

– Last Updated: Nov-10-06 9:15 PM EST –

Yes, there are seating alternates that can be explored. Find a local outfitting shop, maybe one that handles your brand of boat, and ask. There are pads, backbands,entire seats, etc. available.
I have a couple of 30 year old boats with plastic seats that need an upgrade. My local paddle shop owner tells me he has many, many choices for me when I'm ready. You'll probably be looking at $30 and up for an upgrade.
Just kind of hard to spend a lot on boats that don't see much water anymore.
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