Worst day of fishing all week

Vacation time for the county employee.

Monday, we found a school of crappie. Ran out of worms at 10 fish on stringer. They won’t hit bologna left over from lunch.

Tuesday, got 4 more. Lunch 14 fish.

Wensday, rain and lunch in town with spouce.

Thursday, three bass over 12" kept none.

Friday, I need a nap.

Saturday, sunny and hot. Fish jumping at dragon flies but will not take worms. Why did I stay out 6 hours? The worse day of fishing is better then a day at work.

Sunday, I will go past a church on my way to the lake.

In July, it was 98 degrees and I caught
fish. This August, its been a bit coolder and fewer fish. Friday, caught 7 'gills in about five hours. They were big gills, 7-8 inches, but not really enough to make the grease stink. Let them go.

Worst day yet this year
fishing from my canoe this past Sunday, was using a swimming worm rig. Paused casting to take a sip of coffee, my line was out about 15 feet from the canoe. looked up as my rod and reel went over the side of canoe. The way the thing went it had to be a large Bass or Muskie.

Maybe I should use a rod leash Huh?

Had that happen when I was fishing for
cats from my yak. Usually, I also take my ultralight rig to catch some bluegill. The lake I fish has big ones…7" and better. Anyway, a cat or gar hit my bait and took the line, float, and all a hydrilla bed. When I tried to untangle the rig, my ultralight rig went over…bye bye to $100. I’ve tried the leash concept and the cord gets in my way.