Worth of a patched kelvar canoe?

I am trying to come up with an offer for a used, patched kelvar canoe. The boat was $1400 MSRP. According to the seller, the boat was professionally repaired and in very good condition. How much do you think a such boat is worth? Thanks.

So much depends on the mfger and model. Let us know that, then the opinions will come in. My wild guess is $300 to $900.

busted kev boat
I would offer no more than half it’s new value.

I value a strong, light, well-conceived
patch over an “invisible” patch. I like to see what was done. But that’s just me.

In general, if a boat is “used” rather than “nearly new,” you should ask yourself real hard why you would pay more than 60%.

It is a Wenonah Fisherman 14
It is a Wenonah Fisherman 14 equipped with aluminium gunwales. The boat was puntured when it was dropped from storage.

it should be fairly easy to assess the repair. if it looks good and feels solid, it’s probably fine. has the seller put a price on it?

that’s probably a good starting point. who knows? sometimes you can go in with a low-ball offer and come out with a great canoe.

it would be nice, however, if you could post photos here. with the vast knowledge on the board, i’d say many folks could eyeball the repair and give you an idea if its affect on the canoe’s value.


If it’s an EXCELLENT repair job
and the rest of the canoe is in excellent shape, $700 sounds good to me. Be sure it is the model you want though. The Fisherman is very much a general recreation canoe. Frankly I’m surprized that wenonah makes them in kevlar. It is the type of design normally used for royalex, fiberglass, and poly boats.