would a dent put you off buying a PE kayak?

hello again,
for PE boats such as dagger, venture, WS , would you consider boats which have dents? usually the color i am interested in is their last boat, and when i go over it i usually find a dent or depression, which corresponds to where it was hanging. I saw some youtube vids of ppl heating their boats with boiling water & they magically pop back into shape , is it really that easy? thx

How big of a dent? How deep?

A small dent didn’t even put me off buying a fiberglass boat. I picked up a used WS Tempest a few years ago with a small dent from overzealous use of ratchet straps. With no broken glass inside and the dent away from a bulkhead, it wasn’t that hard to fix. It would have to be a SERIOUS dent on a polyethylene boat to make me worry.

It can be as easy as leaving a boat in the sun for a few hours to get a dent or depression to relieve itself. It can also be harder and require heat guns and strategic bracing or weighting. But poly boats are generally very repairable if you’re reasonably handy and very forgiving of most dents and dings.

Pictures or measurements would help a lot though.

My rule if thumb is if the dent doesn’t bother me and the price is right, go for it. I’ve got a. Necky whose bottom is wavy. Paddles great.

my fleet of poly boats are my “shapeshifters” but the low maintenance, durability, and overall abuse they can withstand more than make up for their dimples and dings, I figured out early on that i wanted to spend my time boating rather than patching. The boats are just a little heavy to load so I’ve resorted to dragging and scratching the car up as well. If my new hips last as well as my poly boats then I’m golden.