Would this be a mistake?

We were going to buy an ocean kayak sit on top frenzy locally tonight to play with at naples, fla beach area on our vacation (earlier post) but the store annoyed me when they assured me it was an 08 over the phone and after a pretty good drive to get there, it was an 07 which looked a little scuffed and while i dont mind that - the price should reflect such and they wouldnt budge a penny from the current srp so I didnt feel like giving them (a big chain store) my money. So we left without it - so heres what i was thinking - or is this stupid?

We have 2 perception sparkys (entry level 9.5ft wide big cockpit) kayaks we bought years ago sitting unused - we have sprayskirts/cockpit covers for them. As I have never paddled in the ocean before - swam alot! and we just wanted something for close to shore to mess around with - could these realistically be used for this purpose? I do not want to take our tempests - too much to bring with us and store inside a condo - but would these work ? anyone use these type of sink kayaks around the beach shores? have 2 days left and stressing !! I prefer not to rent as it is so expensive yet I am tired of looking out at the water and not being able to play in it !! Opinions much appreciated from those who are familiar with this kind of boat and water. THANKS !

What’s the worst that could happen?
Catch a dumping wave breaking in the shallows or on shore, pearl, pitch-pole, break your neck and die.

But that could happen in almost any SINK, and could happen with a SOT.

Or, capsize, panic and fail to perform a wet-exit, drown and die.

But that could happen in any SINK.

Or, capsize, bail out and boat sinks to the bottom.

So go buy a a couple of beach balls, stuff them in the bow and stern and go have some fun for cripes sake.

Can you Rent ?? Buy near the beach

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Call this place ... they offering 20% off bet they have a Frenzy or a Kaos


Most beach areas you can rent a sit on top to play in the waves.
You could also likely buy a used sit on top from a store near the beach.
The prices on the sit on top there will be much better than where they are scarce.

What is the surf report for the next five days where you are going. FL is flat this time of year unless a storm is coming in. You may be fine, but if there are significant waves and you have not paddled in the ocean you will find your boats are very poorly suited for ocean paddling. You most likely could have a pretty unpleasant learning experience.

I would look at some stores in the area where you are heading and buy a Frenzy there, and sell your Rec boats when you get back if you never use them. Renting a boat like a Frenzy should only cost about 30 a day, so you could save yourself the gas from hauling it both ways.

No it would not be a mistake
Unless you don’t know how to swim.

Our introduction to kayaking was with two Keowees which are the same boats as yours, (yours are just the newer models)

We had bunch of fun with them at the Carolina beaches, not only riding the breakers in, but paddling several miles off shore for years.

Like you we have skirts and pumps for them.

We still have them and use them as play boats in white water rivers.

I made many a trip over the Nantahala Falls in mine.

At the beach, I would take off by myself for the afternoon and paddle miles and miles in them.

Just remember a self rescue or even and assisted rescue is just about impossible with them, so know and recognize your limits.



I am still trying to decide if i should go thru the hassle with them on the roof and gas consumption. Thanks for the insight! Today we are helping at a sailing fundraiser for handicapped kids and my son was up all night walking for cancer at his local school -but… i have some time left after that before i pack to make a final decision and i may call up that store also to check things out - a trip only 1 way back! enjoy volunteering but need a real job to buy kayaks!!

Absolutely not a mistake
You’ll have fun. People who’ve never paddled these tough little boats would be surprised where they can go.

Just watch the conditions—no heavy surf—but it doesn’t sound like you were planning on that any way. I’ve used mine off the beach at Sanibel when the surf is calm.


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Agree with your comment on hassle. If you paddle once, figure somthig else out such as rental or borrow or simply go swimming. If you paddle daily, roof and bring the kayaks you own.

And consider a more portable kayak for future drives--I have and love my two Bic Yakkas:



I literally leave the pump at home and blow mine up my mouth--takes me about 5 minutes (and a couple of rests).

$599 MSRP each, sometimes can get new on eBay for $399 off season (shipping about $40).


Pictures from the store there…
It looks like they rent numerous Rec boats from their pictures. Call them up and ask their opinion. I expect they are a reputable outfit.