Would this kayak be a step up?

I own a Necky Zoar Sport, 14’/25". It is pokey, but I like it. However I go paddling a few times a week for 4 miles at the Erie Canal about 5 miles away, and it is a pain to load and unload. Kinda takes the fun out of the trip.

So this year I bought a CD Vision 130, 13’/24". In kevlar it is light enough that loading isn’t a problem. It is somewhat faster than the Zoar and tracks reasonably.

Unexpectly I bought a house on a lake, so I can paddle daily without ever loading anything! I figured I would sell my 4 month old Vision and use the Zoar. It is probably a better choice than than the Vision for a large lake anyhow. I put the Vision on Craigslist for what I paid less the tax. (I got a good discount off retail when I bought it)

The only reply I got is from someone offering me 60% of my asking price, plus a Perception Avatar 16, 16’,23".

So, my question at last… is the Avatar likely to be an improvement over the pokey Zoar? It has a skeg rather than the rudder on the Zoar.

I think it is good deal because I would like a second kayak for friends to use, and I don’t like the idea of the Vision on the rocky beach; and I can always sell it to make up the other 40% if I don’t like it. But I wonder what I should expect from the boat compared to the Zoar Sport.

oh my…
Crazy good deal. The Avatar is a pretty sweet boat!

With reasonable care, the CD should
hold up on rocky beaches. I have a pure Kevlar Noah ww kayak, bought it used, and it has not shown consequential wear from rocks. It is true that “Kevlar” boats stand up better if the outer one or two layers are glass rather than Kevlar, but pure Kevlar boats do OK, though they may fuzz if dragged a lot. So if you keep the CD, just use it with reasonable care.