Would ya...Dagger Reflection edition

Would you drive 2 hours for a Dagger Reflection 16 in decent/ good condition for $200? I already have a Blue Hole OCV or Prowler as a river boat but think the Dagger might be a good flat water boat? Also were these only Royalex canoes?

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I’ve driven much father for much less.


The Reflection 16 is certainly a better open water/flat water boat than the OCA with a lot less freeboard to catch wind. But it does have a far bit of rocker as well. Dagger molded these in R84 which they called R-Light. They might have molded them in conventional Royalex as well at some point but I am not sure.

The R84 version with wood trim weighed about 60 lbs and the version with aluminum trim weighed 63 lbs, really quite light for a 16’ 4" plastic canoe.

If it is in halfway decent condition the price is certainly excellent and I would jump on it pretty quickly if you are interested as it will go quickly.

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Whelp, glad I asked for more pictures. Listing pic must have been the only good angle!

I definitely would and did–And even got the price down below $200. Royalex alone is worth the trip. Here’s mine:

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What kind of damage did the new camera angles reveal? Got a link?

Reflection 16 was done in R-lite, Rx, and in composite.

The extra pictures were sent to me and I quickly “unsaved” the boat from my Marketplace favorites. I am currently fixing a deeply skinned bow, so that alone didn’t scare me. But the broadside wrinkle, sun fade, and however many things it rammed things to make the front edge to discolor…and did I mention the “lesions”?

I paid $450 for mine this summer with one repaired crack in it. I love mine. The skeg makes life interesting at times on twisty rivers, but on balance, I love the boat. Great initial stability and better secondary stability.

Skeg? On a Dagger Reflection?

Yup. Skeg. On the 16 and 17. It’s not just an assymetrical hull. There’s a small skeg.

Yes occ is royalex

Ocv rather

Yup! I have one also (Reflection 16) it has a pronounced skeg. The Reflection 15 does not have one. I use the 16 primarily for covering distance on flat water.


I just got home from picking up a Reflection 15 that I found on craigslist for $150!! Decent shape. Wood is mildew stained but solid. The bow is skinned, but that’s an easy fix. I’m pretty happy!

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Pictures? Thats my price range and wanna see what deals are looking like.

Here ya go. I paid $150. I’m guessing I may have another $100 into it before I’m done.

DSC04145-4 DSC04146-5

That looks like a good deal to me. I paid $350 for one about five years ago. I use it almost exclusively as a solo and paddle from a kneeling thwart.


I bought a Reflection 15 three seater for $75. The bottom was painted grey, there were skid plates that were done over the paint, over duct tape. The plates easily popped off with a crow bar. After removing the skid plates and the paint, I realized there was minimal hull damage. It is now my go-to solo fishing canoe (I removed the bow and stern seat to lighten it).

Well full circle. I found another Reflection in good shape and got the price down to $350. One cane seat is busted but I’ll likely just replace with webbing. I was also trying to figure out where to keep this thing when my friend calls and says he wants to canoe with me even if it means buying a canoe. We agree to split the 350, he will store the boat and I can grab it as needed. I doubt there will be much overlap in plans and use.

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