would you buy this boat?

2008 or 2009 model wilderness zephyr 160. bottom is scratched up pretty good, mostly looks like from dragging it. top looks decent, all decking and hatches appear fine. owner claims there is no leaking anywhere as of last time he had it in water. owner removed the skeg to replace a messed up cable but never did and still has it with the boat. how hard is that to even do - put the skeg back in and replace cable?


And the hunt continues
I would not buy that kayak. For me, 54 lbs is intolerable. Here are my personal weight values:

60 lbs: ridiculously heavy

55 lbs: unacceptably heavy. I will use this kayak much less often because it’s too hard to load on a car and get down to the launch

50 lbs: Better but not ideal. Still hard to load

45 lbs: Ahh! Now we’re getting to a manageable weight. I will use this kayak often. Weight will not be an impediment.

43 lbs: Very nice!

40 lbs: Ideal but out of my price range.

Less than 40 lbs: Probably very nice but I’m not willing to spend the money on it because the difference between, say, 38 lbs and 43 lbs is about $2000 (e.g., kevlar versus thermoformed plastic) and for me 43 lbs is tolerable.

if a Zephry was what I wanted
If a Zephry was what I wanted, I’d consider it. Not too hard to fix the skeg, if you are handy. And all of my plastic boats have lots of scratches.

yes the hunt continues…

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that pesky price thing is making this very hard :(

and it doesnt help that husband just bought an immaculate tracer 165 along with skirt, paddle float, pump, an aquasport paddle and a custom made carbon paddle for a total of $900...

im jealous

well the other thing is
its a 4 hour drive for me to get this boat. no my heart isnt set on a zephyr by any means, but im trying to find a good bang for my buck as i only have about $1k to spend and i want 15’- 16’ ideally

couple that with the fact that in my area there are only 2 stores and they stock a very limited inventory my choices are slim.

So how would…
…you fit in that boat? Seems like it has some nice specs and at that price you could use it for a spell and probably dump it later with no net $ loss.

well i havent tried it yet
considering the drive i wanted to get some feedback first but i hear its a nice size cockpit

based on the reviews…
…it seems this kayak fits larger kayakers nicely. If that’s true for you, you might have to make a road trip. Hopefully you’ll be able to try before you buy.

How is it not leaking?
If the cable to the skew is out, how is the kayak not leaking? While it may not be hard to replace the cable it might be challenging and that is why it has not been done yet.

Not sure where you are located but a guy in Baton Rouge has been trying for several weeks to sell a Tracer 165 on Craiglist for $900.

tracer in baton rouge
yes i know. been emailing him :slight_smile:

im gonna put husband’s on the water today and see how i like it then we may be going to buy it