Would you buy this canoe?

Hi, I’m looking at this canoe on Craigslist, and it seems like a reasonable price, but I can’t tell whether the crease in the picture is a major issue. It’s an Wenonah Aurora 16 Royalex. Any advice?

“Major” issue, probably not. Looks like someone tried strapping the boat down a with a cable and cranked down on it way too hard - if the layer of ABS plastic under the vinyl skin isn’t cracked or broken, the inner core would be protected, so the boat is useable. As long as the price is reasonable, no reason not to at least take an in person look at it (reasonable here would be under $500; it’s at least 10 or 12 years old, and you can buy a new Aurora in T-Formex for around $2k)

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Depends on the price. I would probably buy it if I had a use for it and it was under $500.

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It really depends on the price. That being said, pricing varies by region so quoting prices is probably not helpful. With the crease and the keel wear, I would expect a lower price. This boat will likely need skid plates soon.

The crease may have been from over tightened ratchet straps as @Offshore states above or a pin against an object in a river. I agree with @ppine and @Offshore, less than 500 is a good estimate of value. (May be different in your area)

The Aurora looks to be a versatile design. It is listed as a scaled down version of the do-it-all Spirit II hull.

If it is a design that meets your needs and it is not too far away, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at it.

it is what you’re willing to pay…

Agree with folks who say, “go see!”…We love our Wenonah, bought new last year. But had a used model been available within a couple hours’ drive, I’d have been equally pleased. They are built to last, and the marking on the hull appears consistent with a strap marking, as others have said.

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