Would you custom?

Would you get a custom built boat? This manufacturer is mostly ww boats, but would be great if he included long boats as well. One of the issues I can see is “borrowing” design elements from a tried and true model, especially with the disappearance of long boats for rec models. But imagine the possibilities for starting with a boat/design you always really liked, then have it custom built to incorporate the perfect cockpit and volume for your size and weight,
And the price isn’t too far off a new composite boat.


I think it’s a grand idea and would go for it. Especially like the concept of a cockpit customized for comfort based on your body size and quirks.

I’ll take a Current Designs Solstice stretched to 22’ tandem. Long as I’m dreaming a CD Extreme / Nomad too

Probably. A sea kayak. In the future. Right now I’m pretty focused on the road bike. I own and ride two custom made road bikes. Not at the same time.

Sterling sort of does that.

Four custom waveskis so far over the last ten years. Yes to custom. :smile:

(That’s not counting two Greenland SOFs I built.)


I have a custom kayak and pack canoe, Both were built to my spec. QCC does it. Swift does it. Placid Boat Works does it. nothing new.

I built mine.

One Greenland stick I handcrafted.