???would you cut it????

ok here is the deal-

29 oz. three piece paddle

can trim center of paddle (safely) to remove 2.4 oz.

will never sell paddle and even then it is standard 216cm so it fits a lot of folks anyway.

so, would you make the cut to save 2 and a quarter ounces…??

Standard 216cm? Whose Std?
to answer your question - no.Why bother for that little?

With the answers you gave, I would do it in a heart beat.

Unless you are like a lot of foolish people that do nothing but think of re sale value.

Carpe diem!



Standard 216cm? Whose Std?

Posted by: string on Jun-12-08 10:07 PM (EST)

to answer your question - no.Why bother for that little?

surfski standard is 216 and under (generally speaking).

dont care about resale.

I threw the question out there to hear if I am missing something- and if 2.4 oz. is significant enough … 8 to 9% weight reduction

opinions always welcomed

Sure, why not
But taking 2.4 oz out of the middle of the shaft is less useful than taking weight off of the blades.

“Swing weight” is the colloquial term used for what is actually polar moment of inertia.

The middle of the shaft doesn’t move much with each stroke, so you’re not doing much work to move that weight. The ends of the paddle move a lot on each stroke, so weight there requires you to do more work to move it.

Your reasoning would be sound if there weren’t the corresponding loss of length to go with the loss of weight. Taking a couple of inches out of the middle effectively moves the blades closer to center, thus the swing weight will be less.


sure, why not?
If it will fit your stroke. I’ve trimmed shafts more than once to get to the right length.

I’m probably going to cut…
… my Pacific Designs paddle. I bought it too long and want to trim it down to what works for me.

if it will put you closer to
a podium finish, do it.

not for weight
If you want a shorter paddle go for it but weight, no.

The swing weight issue is in fact true. The lighter the blade the better the the result but you are moving blades in.

I use pogies and gloves the odd time (all the time) and at times a paddle leash or paddle park. they put the weight of my NICE paddle well over the weight of the POS Paddle i lend to friends. As the weight is in the centre it hardly matters. 2 OZ… I wouldn’t hurt a paddle for that. Now if it did not fit I would cut a few inches out.

Why isn’t 2 oz a big deal?
does anyone here actually weigh the ends of their paddle to see if a paddle is better than another?

My bet is that everyone looks at the overall weight and if someone is ok with the length by saving 2 oz, on a day trip or more, that 2 oz will feel like a Godsend.

Would removing 2 oz from the blades be MORE effective, of course, but that DOES NOT mean taking weight from the middle isn’t a good idea, it just isn’t AS good.

I say go ahead if you are ok with the length and want to have a lighter paddle. You have to hold the thing up all day, why not take 2 oz off the paddle. The little things add up.

Just pee before you paddle.
That will shed at least 6 oz.