Would you use a tow teather?

Would you use a tow teather in whitewater to attached to a kayakerless kayak? I am talking about attached to a quick realese belt of course. I see people whith what looks like a tow teather paddling whitewater and am wondering if thats such a smart idea or not… I can see how sea kayaking if you have someone who is not that strong and needs some help. Anyone on here use a teather?


I’ve used one, but only to bring an emptied boat back to a stranded paddler. Clipping on to a swamped boat in moving water can be a really bad idea…

I have one
but I’ve mostly used it to clip onto paddles that I’m retrieving.This saves trying to paddle while holding two paddles. I have used it on a boat but only when I knew the rapid very well.

as the two already mentioned. The standard advice, you are already aware, is to always be aware of what’s downstream before committing to some particulars of a rescue. If it’s clear, or pretty straightforward small rapids, I’ve seen some really good white water paddlers (not me) quickly flip a boat over, snap on a short contact boat and drag the boat back to shore within a relatively straight stretch. I, on the other hand, not wanting to risk a short tow, have experienced pushing a swamped boat through 1,2 or even 3 sets of rapids before being to get the darn “log” in.