Wow! Free Kayak Podcasts on iTunes...

Got a video ipod recently and did a search of the term “kayak” on itunes for the heck of it…

in addition to some kinda lousy jazz singles and one song called “kayak tampon fest” (i kid you not) i was surprised to see that there’s kayaking audio and video podcasts, free.

one is from “LVM” and features a video clip of the week, the other is called “Kayak Journal” and has both audio and video.

even if you don’t have a video ipod you can still watch these from your computer if you have the latest version of itunes (which is alway free.)


cool, impex force on itunes
downloading all the old episodes now and i see that theres a whole segment on the new impex force series on kayak journal…

which one is the force on?
Is the one on the force on Kayak Journal? Which episode?



ok, this is embarassing
i’m a longtime (like…10+ years) mac user and i work in multimedia…yet i hvbe no clue.

itunes has a use other than for the ipod? (which i do not have).

like, itunes is a computer app as well as an ipod utility?

What is a “video IPOD”?

What is an “LVM”!!!

What the heck is a “TAMPON FEST”?!!!


Tampon Fest? Boy, this younger generation sure is weird.


mac first timer…
thank you for the hint

I am even happier of my new mac now…

I am going to try and see thak you again nice suggestion!!!

Ciao Paolo

OK here you go…
Yes, iTunes is a music/video app and works independant of having an iPod. It also works for both PC and Mac.

It’s free. You download it from Once installed, go to Podcasts. Search for kayak and click the little “GET” button next to any content you want to download. See for yourself.

The Impex force is on “Kayak Journal” audio episode #5.

I have no idea what LVM stands for, but it’s the name of the organization that produces the kayak video clip of the week.

While you’re there SF Chronicle reporter Paul McHugh has an awesome 5 part broadcast about a 400 mile trip he did down the Oregon/N. Cal. coast. Listened to it on the ride home from work yesterday. Great stuff.

LVM = Lunch Video Magazine

– Last Updated: Dec-29-05 9:58 AM EST –

LVM is a video magazine (DVD) which mostly caters to the whitewater crowd.

As for podcasts, you don't necessarily have to have itunes to check them out. Here's the link to the kayak podcasts. The interview with Danny from Impex is #11.