Wow! Right place, right time

Went for a quick sunset cruise. Lake was calm, light wind, storm clouds to the north. We paddled around a small island and started seeing a bit of a rainbow.Kept going and the rainbow kept growing. I can’t remember ever seeing one this beautiful. Sun was setting and a rain storm moving toward us from the north.
It caught us in the last half mile but it was worth it.

We saw the complete rainbow. Became noticeable to our left and became extraordinary to our right. After the storm blew over the sunset was beautiful, followed by a full moon.
Photos in order from the bottom one up.



String, you were in the zone.

Beautiful. Nature has so much to offer.

Thanks for sharing, enjoed the pics. Name of lake?

Lake Hartwell, NW South Carolina. The border between SC and Georgia.

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Not far from us. We are just a bit further down the coast.

I’m so glad to were able to have that long - moment with nature… and that you were able to share it with us…

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