WOW Rockpool can does this!!!!

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okay first i cannot believe i am the first to see this....
info: that what you qajaq guys do????

wow-early...bad English this am...i apologize for that int he subject line....

Them wacky guys…
Thanks for posting the video link here - we had heard last fall from Tom Bergh that the guys over on the other side of the pond were stern squirting Explorers etc, but hadn’t seen any shots of it. Of course when you commonly have the kind of seas they get over there, I suppose you have a great opportunity to figure it out.

No nothing on the boat - I wonder if it was a prototype.

love it!
Ultra low volume boat + steep waves = fun tricks. That was pretty sweet.

Yup, prototype.

Prototype Plug Development Pictures
Here are some pictures of the plug and mold development of this kayak.

So when is production slated?

And when is Rockpool going to start sending boats across the pond?

How Does it Paddle?

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I am very curious how it will paddle. Looking at the pictures it seems to share a trait of some Greenland boats in that it has a integrated skeg with a lean stern. Some West Greenland boats actually have a concave section aft of the coaming which then sweeps down into the narrow skeg stern section. Cape Falcon's 1935 boat is an example. My SWAG is this results in a boat that paddles like a fairly hard tracking long boat on even keel, but will act like a short, well rockered boat on edge. Best of both worlds and a very sophisticated design. Assuming that is actually how it works. We are finally seeing some composite boats which closely emulate Greenland boats for the weird stick paddler segment of the sport which is a very good thing as are the newer boats actually made for small paddlers.

coming soon. . . :slight_smile:

I can toss this much in. The new “Underground” will be on display at Canoecopia in March. Freya will have it with her. Rockpool is not listed as a vendor on the site directly. It’s really just Freya’s gig.

I will have my Alaw Bach later in the summer and if you catch me at symposiums or whatever you’re more than welcome to try mine. I’m told too that Body, Boat, Blade on the west coast has one as well.

I think we’ll see more Rockpool boats coming over in time, they are a very small company but growing. .

  • for the sake of fair discloser I’m sponsored by Rockpool so I obviously have some bias toward them. :slight_smile:

heh heh heh
…good CYA there, Derrick!

The underground boat is starting to look very interesting in the 3 piece version - especially in the way it attaches the sections with the internal molded piece and the “external” clips…I am hoping those don’t rust, of course!

Maybe you can talk Freya/Rockpool into putting one on the NE coast - maybe Kayak Centre (RI) or MIKCO (ME)?


Downeast Symposium and MIKCo
Hey some Rockpool boats at the Downeast Sea Kayak Symposium in Bar Harbor would be very nice.

Of course any Brit boat worth considering should be supplied to Tom Bergh - MIKCo :wink:

I second that!!
Yeah - Tom at MIKCo is first rate and bringing one to the NE to ANY symposium (or better yet, my place) would be welcome!

C’mon Derrick – with that newfound power you can make it happen!



Nah, my job is just to carry Freya’s paddles for her. :wink:

Yes, but you do it well and with modest
grace :wink:

forget…you serve drinks to celebrities too :slight_smile:

Best Wishes


Heck - I would Freya over Grace! (not intended as a troll-comment)


Yeah, good thing they’re not “Rock” starts or I’d have to find illicit drugs. :-))