Anybody know the 2011 date?


June 3rd through 5th

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You bringing that Colden boat?

Safe Bet
That Colden will be there again with representative new ~32 lb DragonFly and factory standard FlashFire, WildFire, probably have the new synthetic slider seat in the latter. [DF requires another tooling step and another mold to get side pods fitted.]

Slip Clinic
P, is the Slip Clinic usually the first weekend in June? That could be nice if they go on at the same time. You could do the clinic and then back camp and hang out at the WPASCR. Nothing is posted on the Three Rivers PC site yet.


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the Three Rivers Paddling Club Slip Clinic has been the first weekend in June, so it will probably coincide.

The Camping fees for Breakneck Campground at Cheeseman Farm where the Slip Clinic is held have generally been a bit lower than at Cooper's Lake Campground. Watch out for raccoons at Breakneck Campground, however.

The Slip Clinic does have a nice breakfast available on Saturday and Sunday for a reasonable fee, as well as a nice dinner Saturday night. You don't have to pay for those if you do not partake, however.

It would certainly be possible to stay at either campground as they are only minutes apart. I believe that Cooper's Lake does charge a day usage fee per vehicle even if not camping there.