Wrapping kayaks for winter storage.

Because I have more kayaks than I have indoor space to store them, it was suggested I wrap each kayak in plastic wrap (it clings and takes only minutes to wrap). The wrap is very cost effective.

The idea would be to protect it from external conditions as much as possible. It seems like a good idea, but because I have never talked to anyone who has done this, I’m not sure if there are negative impacts.

Has anyone tried this? Are there any opinions regarding pros and cons?



Don’t wrap it in anything watertight
Moisture will become trapped inside and you’ll end up with a moldy mess. I suggest that you cover the cockpit and hatch openings with breathable covers to keep critters out, then suspend a tarp over the boat for UV protection. This allows good airflow and protects the boat as much as is necessary.

I don’t understand

Brian/South Florida :slight_smile:

That season when Northerns take their boats out of what used to be water and is now ice (you know, the stuff you put in drinks!) and stop paddling for several months!

Also the season when Florida is invaded by large numbers of Northern paddlers looking for water, not ice!

Hope the explanation helps!

Tyvek would be a great wrap.
It’s breathable, and would protect your boat from the sun and weather. If it works for houses, it will work for your kayaks. And it’s generally available in home improvement centers.

Winter and freezing temps…
If any of the kayaks have skegs, and are going to be stored upside-down, make sure no water can enter the skeg openings and freeze. (Ice is EXPANDED frozen water, you know.) Or a big repair will await you in the Spring.

Good luck.


molding and uv exposure

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platic wrap will stop neither of these. There will be moisture between the boat and the plastic. With no air circulation mold will grow on the surface of the boats. If they are plastic that's bad; if composite you might get delamination that's very bad.

Also Mkulchik's advice in skeg boxes is right on.

Thanks for the warnings! I’ll try Tyvek
and see how it works. Last thing I want is for the kayaks to get moldy or be, somehow, damaged.

Thanks again!


It works great if you are worried about hatch covers popping off on a long road trip,but not for storage.

Water intrusion
And watch for water getting in from a unexpected leak in the tarp or roof. In extreme cases, the boat can fill and collapse, or freeze, or just deform some. Plan on inspecting them every 2-4 weeks for problems.

Shed fron coverit.com
Short money non-disposable reliable solution for storing my four to six boats handles New england snow load I have an 8 foot by twenty foot round topped one about ten feet from this computer. Get it in grey; not the tan they will push. Too much orange, ugly!

I don’t know what tyvek costs but this is an economical solution for multiple boat owners over the years.

Tyvek prices
Tyvek comes only in long rolls, 100’ minimum. We bought a 3’ wide roll for a small construction project this past weekend and it was ~$45. It also comes in 9’ wide, which is more useful for many other projects (ground sheets for tents, kayak covers, etc.), but it’s obviously more expensive.