WRC sources in/near Seattle


I’m wondering if anyone knows of a reliable source of high quality, vertical grain Western Red Cedar in or near (within 20 miles, or so of) Seattle. I’m finding it a really hit and miss proposition so far. I’ve used Blackstock Lumber downtown, Issaquah Cedar, and a cedar place up in Mt. Vernon, but none is consistent. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union
is made almost entirely out of cedar I think

Ivar’s, eh?
I’ve eaten there enough times to know that it could be tough to get in and out in a stealthy manner with a chainsaw. But hey…I’ll give it a try. Keep your eyes peeled for the police reports in the P.I.

Haven’t bought any in a while
but about a year ago I had good luck with BMC, which is about a quarter mile from Issaquah Lumber on East Lake Sammamish parkway.

WRC Association
Plug in a zip code and see what happens: may at least give you some places to call. (I have no connection to these people; just preparing to buid a pergola myself.)


Keep ‘em comin’!
I’m appreciating and checking on all of your suggestions. Thank you!

Try this

It is Issequah cedar and lumber, they have good stuff, not cheap but good. I pickup a couple every time I am in the Seattale area.

These guys are wholesalers…
…but maybe they will sell to you. My friend who designs and builds high-end furniture buys his wood from them.

Specialty Forest Products

306 Ellington Road

Algona WA 98001-4500


Lumber Products

3002 Lind Ave SW

Renton, WA 98057