Wreck Paddler Wants a Touring Boat?

I tried out my kid’s boats earlier this year, one an Umiak (Carolina 120) and the other a Piccolo. Although a tight for me at 5’-10” and 180 lbs, I found them to be nimble, fast and fun to paddle. Although I very much like my Tsunami 145, my mind has been wondering and wanting for something faster since.

I’m a flat-water paddler, haven’t paddled out on the open ocean yet and don’t expect that I’ll do much when I do. I haven’t yet tried rolling or expect I do much when I do. I just go for a swim if I want to get wet. That might all change someday, but for now, I am a recreational paddler.

Am I wrong to want a fast, responsive boat? Would the likes of a plastic Tempest 170 or Capella 166 be happy with me, a recreational paddler who prefers lakes, ponds, rivers and tidal estuaries? Should I be content with my Tsunami 145 and stop dreaming?

Nimble, fast and fun
sounds to me like you need a new boat.

Why you paddling a wreck anyhow?

You’ll love a 'pest
be sure to try the 165, they tell me it’s even sportier than the 170 that I’ve got - and that one is very slick. There’s nothing wrong with faster and more nimble, eh?


look for a sale price
if you still want a boat with rec. like stability but all those other attributes wait around for a QCC400 on sale or get an unruddered/unskegged one in glass. It’s a real bread and butter hull design that is kinda big and deep but very light in glass without the tracking aids. To get something that’s really fast you HAVE TO paddle really hard. The 400 is surprisingly efficient/quick.

Touring boats are more fun in lakes too.
Like you said, faster and more responsibe.

Consider fibergrlass. If you expect to bounce of rocks, or want to drag across rocks, or just can’t spend the money, then plastic. Otherwise at least consider fg.

If interested there’s back posts on fg vs rm.

Paul S.

if you fit
in them-thar kiddie boats, consider the Tempest-165. And if you were in a Tsunami-140, you might be happier.

size matters.

dream on!


sounds like the boat for you. nimble, reasonably fast…(not sure that the engine doesn’t count a lot more once you get up to a touring kayak anyway)low volume, easily rolled when you want to try, great on ocean when you want to try…in other words, you won’t be able to blame the boat for anything…


Try a Tempest 165

You’re Ready…
if you can fit/paddle an umiak and piccolo at your size and weight and say it’s “fun” (rather than tippy), you definitely ready to move onto something narrower and longer then the Tsunami. :slight_smile: Question is how “playful” vs how “fast?” Whatever floats your boat, sort of speaking…


go for it!
Turning a longer boat isn’t a problem once you get comfortable edging and leaning. I spend a lot of time on the local lake in my 16’ sea kayak and rarely wish for anything shorter.

The Tempest 165 would be a good choice in plastic. Also consider the plastic versions of the Valley Avocet or Aquanaut. They’re all good – it’s a question of finding the fit and personality that works for you.