WRSI "Current " helmet

We just received a shipment of these helmets for our surf and ocean training programs at www.secondwindsports.net and I was very impressed with the fit and construction. I was able to adjust to get a perfect snug fit. Has anyone had one for a long time or had any problems with them?


Hard to fit
It took me a long time to get an ok fit from mine. I had to get extra pads from the company (sent them to me right away for free). The helmet doesn’t slide back but still can slide forward. Much less sliding around than any other sports helmet I have if I crank it down quite tight. That brings up the final problem – I have to be careful not to pinch skin in the buckle – OUCH! Also could see it being a bit difficult to get strapped on the water. I’d like to see a buckle you could clip then tighten with one hand.

Maybe I don’t have the technique but it could be hard getting fit right in a class setting. Still a very good helmet at a good price IMO. Maybe I’ll get to use it at one of your classes! Is the schedule on your website?

rusty fittings
I had to replace ALL the metal fittings in the helmet with stainless. Seems as tho they use steel rivits and washers for the straps. ouch. instant rust where I go.

but you knew that.



a pretty good helmet
I tried every helmet I could get my hands on in about a 65mile radius from central NC. I tried, and initially thought I wanted either Shred Ready or Head Trips. I couldn’t get any of the carbon fiber or fiberglass helmets to fit.

Finally, after a lot of online research, I tried a WSRI “Current”. The store personell said, “Buy it, take it home, spend some time trying all the different custom foam inserts that come with the helmet, and if you can’t get a perfect fit, bring it back.” So I got it, spent about 30-45 minutes trying various combinations of the multiple velcro foam inserts that come with it, and eventually got a fit that is so perfect that the helmet doesn’t move on my head, but rather moves with it. That’s the whole design concept behind this helment. A word on that, I eventually wound up using a combination of S, M, & L inserts. These all come with the helmet, and it’s highly customizable for, say, shimming in the temple or upper forehead regions, or adjusting the neck brace so it’s not riding on C1 or whatever. This is probably the most variable fit helmet on the market. Even still, it might not fit all heads, but it sure does a better job than those that are just sold as S, M, or L as a take it or leave it package.

I do agree with the poster that mentioned the problem of pinching the hell out of your throat when snapping the buckle shut on a properly adjusted helmet. I got to a point when I was wincing in anticipation of snapping some skin into the buckle. But, I learned to stick a finger between the flesh on my throat and the buckle, and still get a good tight, painfree fit.

And adjusting the chin strap is a 2 handed, off head proposition. But, once you get it right, this helmet fits like no other. I also like the mini-bill that works surprisingly well as a sunshade.

Finally, it’s my understanding that the plastic used in the WSRI helmet is of the same type used for coating golf balls and bowling pins. I trust this stuff to withstand repeated blows better than the composite fibers. For me, cost was not a consideration when choosing a helmet. I wanted one that I could feel like I could trust, and moreover, I wanted one that fit very well and was comfortable. So, ultimately, I wound up with a $70 WRSI Currents helmet, rather than the $150-$250 fiberglass and composite helmets that I had initially thought I wanted.


How much adjustment?
I normally have to pad out helmets about 15mm in length more than width. Do the pads that come with the WRSI allow you to do that?



Helmet fit
It only took me about 10 minutes to get a great fit on the helmet, but I agree about the chinstrap. If you are interested in ocean training email me at info@secondwindsports.net and I will tell you what is available.