WRSI whitewater helmets??

Just wondering if anyone has actually used one of the WRSI helmets.


Looking back in the archives didn’t yield any personal experiences.

All the emotion and politics surrounding this helmet aside - does anybody have any pros or cons they’d like to share? It seems to have just finally made it onto the market so maybe I’m looking for info from the p.net masses a bit early…


WRSI Feedback
I’ve been using one all fall/winter in VT/NH. So far I am happy with it, fits well, really adjustable, and I think the multi layered construction is an excellent approach to energy dissipation and puncture resistance. My only complaint is with regard to cradle for the back of the head. The cradle is tensioned by the nylon webbing, but the tension is held by the chin strap (the strapping is one continuous piece of webbing), so to have the cradle tight the chin strap has to be tight. I have been trying to figure out a way to independently tighten the cradle, I’m thinking a couple grommets and some kevalr cord… So overall I am really happy with it and the price is right. I am not sold on a lot of the high priced kevlar/carbon helmets because of the foam used, minicell foam is garbage as far as energy dissipation, seems like people are starting to catch on to using the right types of foam for liners. Hope this helps.

I’ve got one
that I’ve been using on WW since about October. The adjustability and fit is the best I’ve ever had. I love the thing. It fits very securely and feels very solid. I chose the one without vent holes in the top. It may be a bit warm in the summer, but it sure stays nice during the winter! If you’ll only be paddling in warm weather, you may want to choose the vented one. I initially had an issue with them losing my order, but once I called, Millie took care of everything very promptly and my helmet was on it’s way.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the helmet or service.


…for the quick response. Knowing that the rear occipital strap and chin strap are not independently adjustable is a big red flag for me. Sounds like we have the same concerns - liking to have the rear strap tight while allowing for some jaw movement with the chin strap. Kinda a major engineering oversight.

Glad you’re impressed with the laminated construction - looked like a good design idea to me.

Shred Ready?
Anyone have experience with the Shred Ready helmets? They appear to have a separate rear fastener (thier “HOG” retention system). I really love my Head Trip Daffy helmet that I got a nice deal on used (off of p.net, no less), but honestly I can’t seem to get the thing well fastened down on my noggin. I’m curious to know if their strap system is better than the usual strap configuration.

yo’ Lupe-
By “their strap system” do you mean WRSI or Shred Ready?


shred ready
I meant shread ready. I wonder if their straps work independently unlike how it sounds like the WSRI straps do…

Haven’t actually used it
But I’m all ready for that intro surf class sometime! I spent a lot of time messing with the fit on my WSRI helmet. They sent extra-thick pads when I asked and they seem to help. I would have liked more details on systematic adjustments, but maybe that depends on your head shape. My head is pretty narrow side-to-side so that was a lot of the problem.

Anyway I did manage to set it so that it doesn’t rotate back but I can still see the possibility of it rotating foreward and hitting my nose. That being said I checked my other sport helmets and I don’t think any of them are any better.

I agree with the complaint about the continuous strap. I needed to get it really tight on the chin to hold the cradle in back. And it really hurts when you pinch your neck skin in the buckle!

All in all I think it is a good value. I’m just not sure I want to find out how well it really works :slight_smile:

although I’m not home to look at it
at the moment, I recall that when I first got the WRSI that I actually used a combination of the different sized pads that are included with it in order to make the perfect fit. Which is why I think it feels so nice. I disagree with the occipital “looseness”. I dropped that whole piece down a notch or two and as Emeril would say…Bam!

It’s definately the most secure feeling helmet I’ve owned. And as mentioned earlier, I love that it’s not minicell.


The cascade helmets Rear occi;ital strap
on the is a great design. Everything you could want in a nelmet except good looks (or kevlar for you hair-boaters).