WS 140 or 145?

I am 6’0" and 205#. Kayaking will be on big lakes, small lakes and connecting rivers, and just rivers. Which of these two is best for me, the Wilderness 140 or the 145? Thanks in advance for your advice.

A little slow

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I'm 175LB 5'10, and I have a Tsunami 145. Very stable, great in variable conditions, and a lot of fun. But I find it to be very slow. Take a look at the new reviews here, and a few people seem to address the issue. But I think that you might do OK in the 145 because of your personal specs.

Sit in each one

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sit in each kayak for a few minutes and wiggle around then get in and out several times. I'm assuming that you can't demo them. Here in Atlanta both are very popular and it would be easy to find someone who would let you try theirs plus you could rent one.

With only 6" difference in length the kayaks there is a big difference. What may be comfortable and fine for one may not be for you. However you will fit in both and will be a matter of personal choice.

Good luck

WS 140 or 145?
Thanks for your opinion. I just read the reviews and found them helpful.

you are a 'tweener fitting between the 2. your call on comfort as performance will be similar.


Demo… in stonington. Nice guys… They’ll let you demo both. Email them ahead of time to see what they have in stock, but early in the summer I know they had both of those boats handy. Good luck.