WS Arctic Hawk v. WS Arctic Hawk Pro

What are the differences between these two boats and what is the general impression of them in terms of performance and use for Greenland work?


same boat

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the AH only came as a 'pro' or composite model. we gave it the 'pro' name later but ALL hawks are 'pro'.

the hawks are replica versions of mid 1800 to early 1900 SW Greenland boats. they work well for traditional enthusists wanting a composite boat. they're nice.

I had a kevlar (no gel coat) SS model (no hatches) that weighted 32lbs. it was a sweet boat.

you find one for sale?


Don’t know for sure
I’ve heard that the AH had the traditional round cockpit and the Pro has a more conventional opening.

Greenland work?
just playing with you. It’s kind of funny how the WS glass AH is derived from a plywood construction that’s derived from a skin construction. That’s quite some dedication.

I wonder…
if anyone has tried to take a Wildy AH specs and make a SOF. :wink:

thinking of the differance between the NDK greenlander and the NDK greenlander pro

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You’re thinking of the NDK Greenlander
with the round OC vs. the Greenlander Pro with a keyhole. As Flatpick said, all Wilderness Systems versions of the Arctic Hawk were “pro” (or composite in Wildy-speak). The same holds true for the Wildy version of the Sparrow Hawks.


you were to do that, why not pick from a narrower Mark Rodgers boat…He make’s other Hawks that could be more suitiable for such an endever

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Just playing.
It was just the irony in the thought of someone getting their “creative” juices flowing by making a SOF version of a F/G version of a S&G version of a SOF.

All messing about aside, I wonder if anyone at Wildy has thought of updating the AH for the current market climate. A more Mark Rogers specked out AH with an OC or a 30"x16" keyhole, VSK oval hatches fore and aft, and recessed deck fittings might do well. On second thought, Wildy’s too big box now, and there’s a few mfrs. already ahead of them in R&D.

could at least drop the foreward hatch into a slight recess, so it didn’t splash the paddler in the face on the least little wash-over…Mark’s boats don’t do that…Just the Wildy version put the front hatch on top of the boat like a pimple…

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another skin to plank to glass boat made is the Anas Acuta (nice boat, with front hatch placed properly)

The A.H. has disappeared from our W.S. dealer workbooks and wholesale pricesheets, Don’t know for sure if it was a ‘brain fart’ or if it really is gone.

SOF to S&G to Comp to SOF
Looking at the Sparrow hawk does have me wanting to do a skin version, sort of.

Building a SOF to a more mass market spec like the AH/SH defeats the purpose of building a SOF, which is to get a CUSTOM boat. This is partly why you don’t see a bunch of SOF kits with prefabbed components.

If I did build something based on the AH - it would be loosely based. For Kim I’d drop the beam to 18-19" and lower the decks at least an inch and do a small ocean cockpit (the WS coaming size sucks). I’d also change it to more swede form (worked great on my SOF - see also Brian Schultz “GINNYAK”), and make several small adjustments along the way.

In the end it would be a quite different boat - and about the same as if I were just building her one from the ground up without referencing the AH at all. Full circle again.

Still on website

It is gone…it just takes Wilderness Systems forever to get around to updating their site…

that’s too bad
since the Greenland movement is just now getting into full swing…look at the growth in the number of greenland specific venues, the amount of greenland interest in the typical symposiums, etc.

i’ve got a WS AHpro and honestly have forgotten about it since i’ve been playing with the wisper…