WS Arctic Hawk

Does anyone know the years of manufacture?

early 90’s to a couple years ago.

exact, i’d have to look back in the ws archives.


If you’re anywhere near Cape Cod…
…I know where you can get a new Arctic Hawk.

or near RI

small feet
Great old inuit design but your feet should be size 8. Built for small people

That small?
Or are you gust used to big cockpit high foredeck race boats?

I can easily get my 9.5’s in a smaller WS Sparrow Hawk and have never thought about foot room in it - though it’s not very deep up there.

Buy Greenland averages - WS AH is FAT! SOF makes everything commercial seem big enough.

I’ve got size 11 feet and they fit fine in an Actic Hawk…and much lower volume boats, for that matter.

Arctic Hawk
I’m 193 lbs, 6’ and fit (just about). It really is a great boat. I need to swap out the back band though. Any suggestions?

sz- 10.5 here
and I fit in a Sparrow Hawk.

I talked with Mark Rogers (the AH designer) alot about it and the AH is a replica of a SW Greenland boat from the turn of the century (1900) that would have been built for a ‘typical’ European in the 160-200lb range. According to Mark, when the GL’ers first started bulding boats for Europeans they pumped up the beam to accomidate the novice aspect of the white-man.

The AH is chubby, tho forgiving and FUN.