WS Artic Hawk Pro

Has the WS Arctic Hawk Pro been discontinued by WS? i think so but it is still on their website…the question is how do you get in touch with WS? i couldnt find an email addy at their site. Thanks.

They did discontinue the Artic Hawk…they just take forever to update their website. They don’t even have their 2006 catalogs out yet for that matter.

The Artic Hawk was likely the best kayak they ever produced. Too bad it is gone.

Cheers…Joe O’

here’s what i’m thinking
about WS and the Arctic Hawk Pro…Greenland style is growing, maybe exponentially though apparantly small at the moment…i’ve been to a few symposia over the years and the numbers keep growing and growing…WS needs to reintroduce the Hawk BUT with improvements…with the Impex OI in great demand, and knowing that its not for everybody the Hawk needs to be there…now for the improvements:

even lower back deck

flush fittings on the deck

flush hatches-especially the bow hatch

any more?

surely WS sees this trend?

WS is trying to survive

Don’t call me shirley
but I think your right. Once they get back (by selling a lot of plastic boats) they should also consider putting the Dagger Meridian back into production, maybe as a WS branded product made in the same shop with all their composites.


that makes sense
The Meridian is a perfectly good kayak. Current Designs should be selling a slightly longer version of the Meridian as a replacement for the Andromeda.

In the mean time WS has to sell a lot of good plastic kayaks that don’t leave the dealers doing quality conrol for them.

…and don’t forget…

the adjustable skeg to counter the weathercocking and lowering the front AND rear deck. It is just too high volume for most greenland practitioners.

Maybe just adopt the Hawk GT from Superior instead of the Arctic Hawk as its longer (19’), narrower (21") and slightly lower decks I believe.

Not a flame war invitation - just my opinions as I owned one a year ago.

Oh, and don’t forget fixing those horrible hatches that leak gallons and required jamming into an edge on the deck to seat them.


Skip all the way to Hawk SS
It’s still got a lot of volume.

S&G Arctic Hawk
You can make all the “improvements” you mentioned if you build an AH from the CLC kit. The kit already comes with flush hatches. Flush deck fittings can be made easily as well, even though they’re not included in the kit (the three bungies just forward of the cockpit are already “flush” with the CLC kit). It wouldn’t be too difficult to lower the aft deck, and even the deck just in front of the cockpit could be easily lowered a bit.

As for WS making changes with the AH…

The AH is not an in-house WS design, and the designer - Mark Rogers - still produces custom S&G Hawk series boats for customers. I’m sure that even if WS wanted to make changes to the AH and reintroduce it, they’d have to go through Mark rather than just make the changes on their own.


watersprite and others
all excellent posts on this boat…today again i passed up the AH for the Wisper for the rolling session…I’ll get back to the AH when i am forced back into the pool next winter or if Superior Kayaks can get me a tuilik to fit it…the number of responses here alone tell me that WS should at least think about it. I was sorry to hear they are having financial troubles.

As far as building one I wish I had the time, its not lack of desire.

Hawk SS?

I think you meant the “Hawk” and not the Hawk SS as the Hawk SS has more volume and the Hawk at 19’ and 20 5/8" width has the lowest decks, right?

All nice boats but would opt for a BBK Aral or Recluse before these choices.


One of the nails in the AH Pro’s coffin.
May be the royalties paid to the designer along with CLC selling the kits. I’ve heard that royalties was one of the reasons for the Sealutions demise.

always surprises me
that a manufacturer really needs to go out and buy a name design, if they’re really just a manufacturer they should be selling anything, bathtubs, motorhome fixtures,lampshades, whatever.

Yes, SS
Narrowest and lowest decks. Longest waterline too, unless Mark’s spec table is wrong.

Is your preference for BBK based on paddling them and the comparable Hawks? I’ve tried a Recluse and a Hawk SS briefly. Both OK, but The Recluse was a bit of a let down after what I’d heard. SS quite nice - but very much like many other decent sea kayaks, Neither holds a candle to a good long narrow LV SOF.

and just think
this was the boat you were trying to sell me!

I suppose that the purpose of having the boat determines much regarding preference. I thought the AH felt much more stable at rest and underway than the Aral but felt the Aral sat lower and was easier to roll and do balance braces in. As to paddling, the AH seemed just as fast as the Aral but both were sensitive to me being just a smidge off center as the chine would start carving me one direction or the other.

If I had my druthers I would want it all of course…and suppose the best option for me would be a wood Arctic Hawk (not WS) with about 2" off deck heights front and rear with an adjustable skeg installed. (like the one from Onno) However, the costs to have one built like this are too steep for me. Besides, when I think about it my Greenlander (OC) does everything these boats do so if I opt to get another craft sometime it will be something different such as a SOF.

But then, thats another thread…

(Greyak - I want to see one about you and your Sparrow Hawk fit and use…)



Sparrow Hawk fit
Not worth a thread. It’s 16’6" long x 21 1/2" wide. Depth inside at my thighs is about same as under the 1/2" pads I put under the braces of my Q700. Less foot room, but I only have 9 1/2" feet (and take 9 for water shoes).

I just can’t call the Sparrow Hawk small. Sparrow Hawk cockpit is cavernous compared to my (now chopped and almost re-skinned) SOF.

Only thing that doesn’t really fit me is the seat - pan is short. I have big thighs so edge of pan cuts into me a bit (Kim can keep more leg bend and is smaller so OK for her). It’s Kim’s kayak, not mine - but if she also wants to change it I’ll take out the seat, trim the hangers, and just put foam on the bottom (and foam backrest). Maybe raise it up a bit as it’s more than stable enough for either of us. A higher seat would make laybacks even better, improve paddling posture, etc.

I fit in it better than our Pintail (seat’s too narrow for me - and would also get seat surgery if it were my kayak), and like it’s handling better - but doubt I’ll paddle it much. Paddles great, but seems beamy to me. Rather be in my QCC or SOF.

Build you own - CLC kit.

Might not be to the level of what Mark makes, but I can’t afford his stuff - and not patient enough to the waiting list.

I’d have to chop beam too. By the time I figured out the modifications and re-drew all the panels I could probably jsut design and build from scratch.

Have you looked at the Sea Spirit and other wood/kit designs that are already chopped?

I don’t have time to build with little kids at home and 60 hr work weeks. Checked with CLC and they noted it takes longer anyway to build a Hawk than their other kits.

As to the Sea Spirit - fantastic looking boat and drool when I see those lines and that wicked low back deck, but he is no longer selling the plans from my understanding.

I will just stick with my Greenlander OC as not only is it a good design for me, but I made it easy to spot…(black deck and yellow hull). A SOF may be in my near future though once I get some financial issues ironed out here.

Great thought about the Sea Spirit though. I may seek out Bobby at the June Meet at the Beach in Groton.


Fun project. Can be cheap if you already have tools (I didn’t). You can scrounge a lot of it.

Very forgiving process - many options. No need for fine woodworking.

It’s also good for limited time/odd schedules as (assuming you have space) you can stop at any point, and it’s all dry/clean work until the coating - which is still 1000x easier/cleaner than epoxy.

I hope to have mine re-built this week. I chopped it about an inch. New skin went on yesterday. Just need to finish up the seams and sew in the coaming. Then I get to play with some color this time as I finish it.