WS Aspire 105 vs Old Town Sorrento 126SK

I have an Eddyline Caribbean 14 at the moment which I love, but would like to get a smaller sit in where I could use more for (slow) moving rivers (Delaware river, I’m based in NJ) & lakes (possibly).

I like the big cockpit as I’m a big guy and working on my flexibility! Not sure if anyone has experience with any of these, but not sure would be the best, they seem similar, except for the length, and would like a skeg possibly. I’ve looked at other crossover options like the Dagger Axis 12, Pyranha fusion 2, etc, but without seeing how small the cockpit would be I’m more inclined to a bigger cockpit like the ones I mentioned. Also had a look at the Necky RIP 12 but not sure how good the quality is?

I would like to stay under 1k price tag. For reference I’m 6’0/275pds/38-40in waist/12.5 shoe.


The Axis 120 cockpit is deeper than the Sorrento 126’s. The Sorrento series and the Axis both have some vee to the bottom, which the Aspire 105 doesn’t (it’s more of a flat river design). Both of the 12 foot designs will distribute your weight over a greater surface area than the 10.5 foot design, which is a performance advantage.

Of the three, I’d start with the Axis 120, and only look at the other two if you really don’t feel the fit is right for you.

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