WS cape horn serial number

Hi all,

Silly question- but I can’t find the serial number to my Wilderness Systems Cape Horn- it’s not on the stern- It is a demo model- maybe that’s why it’s not in a “usual” place. We found the number once- it was in a weird place, but now can’t find it again!

Any suggestions welcome


PS- I have to vent a bit- the reason we are looking for it- trying to register the boat with Oklahoma- for some reason they require all sorts of paperwork- they can’t seem to believe that in other states you don’t have to register your boat!! ie in Florida were be bought them!

Inside the Coaming
Look at the inside of the coaming where it bulges in. Many WW boats have them there so they don’t wear off.

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Just inside the coaming about at the right hip… on my boat, anyway.

On my Cape Lookout…
the Serial Number is on the side of the very end of the stern. It appears to be engraved in with an etcher.

Check around the inside of the coaming in the area of your seat.

Help- still can’t find it
Ok, I looked all in the combing and seat area- no luck- maybe I’m looking to hard???

More suggestions welcome, thanks!