WS Cape Lookout 135

Help! I’m helping my brother sell his WS Cape Lookout 135 and cannot find specs for this boat anywhere on line. Any suggestions?




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check in P-net reviews. maybe there's some specs in there....obviously it's a 13 1/2 ft. boat, polyethylene material ... does it have a rudder? many hatches? probably weighs in at around 45ish #'s .. I had the 15 ft model Lookout and it weighed in @ 54 or so pounds. The Lookout model is a older boat, not sure what years they were made. they were replaced by the Cape Horn model. your boat is probably around 24-26" wide. also Probably has the Phase 3 seat. it's considered a day/weekend touring boat. probably has a max load-carrying weight of around 225 ?? hope this helps.

Checked Reviews before I posted, not a lot of help.(Good idea though!)

Yep, 13.5 ft length

Yep, poly

No Rudder

Two hatches (still water tight)

Probably more than 45 lbs

yep, 1999

Not sure of width, proably right with 24"

Yep, phase 3 seating (comfy!)

yep, touring (at least that’s what they call it)

We’re putting the boat out front at my work. My boss loves it that so many folks stop to look. Sold our tandem in less than a week about a month ago. He can’t wait to have another boat in front of the shop.

Just suprised that there is no database witht the specs of the older boats.

Thanks for the help!


found this …

Thank you!
I assuming that a lot of the info is the same. GREAT JOB! I’ll adjust the spec sheet that we put together accordingly.



old catalog

btw- the Lookout was NOT replaced by the Horn. they were both current models at the same time, released at the same time, canceled at the same time. The Tsunami replaced it.


Thank you!
This is exactly what I was looking for! Are the old catalogs available on line somewhere?

Thanks again,