WS Cape Lookout 145

I am thinking of getting a Cape lookout as a back-up boat for my daughter or friend and this one came up for sale for $399.

I mostly do lakes and slow rivers with the occasional trip to San Diego Bay.
The roughest water I face is moderately high winds on the lower Colorado River a couple times a year and speedboat wakes on Arizona Lakes so mostly it would be multi-day camping on a river with 2-4 knot current or winds below 8 knots.

What do you guys think?

My buddy had an old Cape Lookout. He enjoyed it but DID put a rudder on it. Needed a rudder in the wind.

What about tippiness? Ken bought a Carolina and has to put weight inside to keep it stable.

All the reviews show them to be made 2002-2007 or so.
In Arizona that may cause problems if stored outdoors in the melanoma capital of the country.
If it is missing the stern hatch cover ($40), then $400 may be too much to spend.

Could be worse the hatch covers for my wife’s valley were $80. If that helps.

I backed out.
Ail the ads I saw from years ago showed them to sell around $375 which means that he is adding another $25 for an older boat. That added cost plus the replacement hatch-cover made me change my mind.