WS hatch maintenance

Just bought a WS Tempest 170 Pro. New 2003 model. First time I used it, I rolled 10-20 times and after found a pint to quart of H2O in the rear bulkhead. Put bungies on and repeated, had less, but still too much H2O. Since then on several repeat “roll” sessions and flooding the back hatch with a hose, I get very little H2O. I am quite particular on fitting the hatch so it’s not the hatch put on wrong. I don’t think there’s a hull/skeg box leak. I think it may be stiff unused hatch that becoming more pliable. The question (finally) is periodic 303 application the way to maintain hatch pliability?

yes and no
yes a very small application CAN make for a more supple hatch and a better fit, but…too much will make it slip off too easily. I apply a touch to the inside of the hatch with a paper towel or toothbrush.

the skeg box might be a problem, as well. a percentage of boats from EVERY manufacturer, could leak at the skeg box. it’s a tough seal.


the rear hatch cover has been
changed since then…the bottom flange of the cover is now gone…there is no longer a bungee that comes with the new boats as well…

2003 Tempest
I have a 2003 Tempest Pro that originally had water in the rear compartment. With all the buzz on WS hatches I chased that for a long time. It seemed the rougher the water the more water that ingressed. Finally when the boat was upside down on a rack I put water in the skeg slot and saw the skeg fitting was leaking. A very small hose clamp to help hold the skeg sleeve in place and a good dose of marine sealent and have no water in the rear compartment. I found that no matter how I tightened the plastic sleeve fitting, I could still pull the sleeve out of the fitting with my fingers. With the small stainless hose clamp in addition to the fitting, rock solid.