WS Pamlico 120 or Perception America 11

I have been looking for a kayak for myself on a budget. I have narrowed it down to a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 120 or a Perception America 11’.

I am 5’9" and weigh approximately 260. I live on the upper part of the Servern River near Annapolis, MD.

Most of my Kayaking will be on the upper part of the river where it goes into a narrow winding Run and in the deeper slow portions that get plenty of boat traffic and wakes. My goal is to do progressively longer paddles until I can eventually paddle the full length of the Severn to the Chesapeake in Annapolis (I believe it is about 8 miles).

I know that the best way to decide would be to actually paddle both boats and I may wait until a Kayak Demo Day in May to do that but I am anxious to hear opinions in the meantime.

Both are suitable
For the paddling you describe, I don’t think either decision would be wrong. I’d pick the one that you’re most comfortable in and fits you best. That’s a matter of preference only you can decide.

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yeah, name brand , quality kayaks

Went with the Pamlico
As I stated in another post I went with the Pamlico 120 and I am quite pleased with it after a 1.5 hour paddle this afternoon.

I went with the Pamlico as much because of the people at SpringRiver Corp in Annapolis, MD as I did for the boat. They had the Pamlico in stock and were very helpful.