WS Pamlico 145T pro parts & accessories.

Just purchased a used 2003 WS Pamlico 145T pro (fiberglas) kayak, and am looking for a couple of “parts.” Can’t seem to find anything for parts, repairs, or communication on the Wilderness Systems website, so thought someone here might have a contact. First concern is to replace the missing pin which locks the movable (forward) seat in position. I think that I have found it at REI, but I’m also interested in a mini sprayskirt, just enough to keep the sun and paddle drips off my partner.

Any help would be appreciated.

call a dealer
Any WS shop should be able to order the part for the seat, and most will either have the mini-skirt for the tandem in stock or be able to order it quickly. Check the website for the nearest shop, and you should be set.

I’m not any help but that’s a good boat.

any dealer should be able to get the parts needed. If you have trouble let me know and I’ll see what I can do


congrads! this is a cool boat. I’m sure you will enjoy!!