WS Phase3 Lite Vs Phase3 Seats

 Anyone have any feedback on the differences between the two? One thing I have noticed is that many seats feel pretty good for a 15 minute demo paddle. The tale is told after hours on the water. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

The Phase 3
seat is extremely comfortable. I have paddled in my Tsunami 120 for over 6 hours at a shot, with no pain or discomfort. The range of adjustment of the Phase 3 system really lets you dial in the seat perfectly for long term comfort. And if you don’t get it right the first time you can easily adjust as you go until you do. The thigh support adjustment is great, and the angle seat adjustment also great. The padding on the seat bottom back looks minimal I know, but it is actually very comfortable, providing good cushion and support, without being so cushy that it lacks support. I believe the Phase 3 light just doesn’t have the seat height adjustment or the thigh support adjustment. I can’t verify it though because WS’s new website doesn’t seem to have the full outfitting descriptions like the old site did.

I am looking
for a yak for my GF. She would be paddling/fishing the same water as I of course. (slow rivers with some I’s and II’s mixed in) She is 6’ 140#. I think the Pamlico 120 would be the perfect boat for her with one question mark. She has back issues and needs the best seat available. The Pam 120 has the Phase3 Lite seat instead of the Phase3. I understand the old Pams had the Phase3. Wonder why they changed it? I think this would be a no brainer if not for that one thing.

Phase 3
If the Pamlico’s ever had the full blown Phase 3 seats, its been several years back. Models for at least the last 2 or 3 years have had the plain Phase 3 Lite. My 2006 135T has the Lite package. If they did away with it, it was probably to shave a few bucks off of the retail price and make it more competitive with cheaper models.

What are
your thoughts on the Phase3 Lite? Is it a comfy seat for an all day float?

Phase 3 Comments

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No major complaints on the Phase 3 Lite seats. It's my secondary boat so I only paddle it a half dozen or so times per year. Usually, when I do take it out, it's with my 6 year old daughter. She gets bored easily and I'm doing all of the padlding so these are shorter trips with lots of stops along the way. I guess the most straight time I've been on my butt in those seats has been about 2 hours....relatively comfortable for that relatively short amount of time. The back strap will sometimes slip (and need to be readjusted) if you push back too hard on it...I would expect this not to be a problem if it was a little more "broken in." Right now, with only a years worth of short outing on it, it still looks brand new. I suppose if it proved to be a long term problem I could find some way to clamp or secure the strap to keep it from slipping. I've demoed Pungos and Tsunami with the full blown Phase 3 seats and liked them equally as well. I think the only difference is the height adjustment of the backrest...I'd have to refer to their website to be sure. The paddling seems to be about the same. Try them both for an extended amount of time if possible, play with the adjustments and make your own call. Supposedly better, more expensive or having more "bells and whistles" isn't always the best for any given person.

Have you
considered the Pungo instead? Also has the full Phase 3 outfitting, and more of “keel” like a Tsunami. I know you’ve been leaning towards a Tsunami, does she not like something about it that you wouldn’t consider a Tsunami for her?