WS Pungo 120 vs. Old Town NEXT

Hi everyone!

I’m at a toss up between getting a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 and an Old Town NEXT.

I was originally looking at kayaks for recreation purposes in the Adirondack Mountains. I do want to bring my 45lb dog with me on trips. I am also interested in a kayak that isn’t deathly slow. A nice middle is fine!

I like that the Pungo has a large cockpit. I like the openness and I don’t think I’d like feeling so closed in with the touring kayaks. I read that some people ride with their dogs in it too! The seat and dashboard also look nice. I do worry about having enough room to paddle comfortably!

I like the NEXT because it’s open like a canoe and I read that it would be more ideal for a dog too! I do worry about the seat though as there are some complaints with it falling on the track.

Both are right around the 1k price range which works best for me.

Any suggestions or advice?

Two completely different boats. Suggest you focus on your specific requirements and expectations first. Example: I do / do not need a secure waterproof storage compartment with hatch and bulkhead. I need to carry xxx pounds of dog, gear, and paddler.

I just want to hear peoples reviews and suggestions.

I don’t really need dry storage or any specific gear storage. Like I said, the only concern is my 45lb dog. It is just her and I with possibly a very light hiking pack. Nothing crazy. Just recreation!

If you weigh over 175 , a Pungo 120 probably isn’t enough for both of you. I have a 140 and recently got a 50 lb dog. I weigh 230 and now I’m thinking canoe. I may have to check out the OT.

I owned and like both. Both will hold a paddler and a 60 pound dog. Maybe just flip a coin.

While the Pungo’s cockpit is long at 57 inches, it looks like the seat is mounted forward of the rear edge by a few inches so you may have 50 inches or so of length from the seat back to the front of the cockpit (with the dashboard removed). I would try sitting on the floor, legs straight, back against a wall or door, hold a paddle in front of you as if you’re paddling and judge whether that 50 inches leaves enough room for your dog. That little test might decide it for you.