WS pungo vs palmico

I’ve read what the company says and it seems the Pungo is what I need. In lay terms, whats the difference in handling between the two. I need a boat to track true and fast, as it will be paddled along side a carolina 14.5. Turning is good but efficiency is better, stability is also important.



the Pam is flat bottomed, more stable and turns better.

The Pungo tracks better, more effecient and stable enough.

probably go 140 for speed and effeciency if you wanna keep up!

good luck


I tried both
before I picked up a Pungo 140 recently. Pretty much for the reasons you’re looking at. I might get a real touring yak down the road but for now I wanted something stable, forgiving and a good tracker. WS says, “it’s the sprinter in the family”. I don’t know about sprinting but it looked like the best compromise I could find. A guy on this board picked up one for 300 bucks with a rudder (didn’t know that was an option).

I’ll let you know if my feelings change in a year.

Pamlico 140
Picked one of these up for 400 with a rudder, phase 3 seating and stern bulkhead and hatch. Works well so far on calm lakes. Haven’t had a chance yet to try it elsewhere. The Pungo looks like a great boat too. I chose the Pamlico because it fit my needs for a first kayak and it was a great deal. Good Luck!