WS Sealution Help please

I recently bought a Wilderness Systems Sealution (1995) and I am having difficulty with the seat. No matter what I seem to do my seat slides towards the stern while paddling. At first this is not a problem, but soon the backrest is being pushed under the rear deck and causing major discomfort. I have tried a shim but the seat still slides. I can find no mechanism in the seat that can lock it into place. If you have any advice please let me know. I appreciate your assistance.


I’ve spent days in a Sealution
I’ve probably spent 5 or 8 days paddling a Sealution and was not even aware they had sliding seats. I take it the seat is adjustable, but doesn’t stick, is that it? Take it apart and examine the locking mechanism. Seems like you should be able to figure it out. At worst it seems like you could drill the sliding parts and stick a pin through it. Only slightly less drastic than 3M-5200, but seems like you should be able to make it work.

Good luck.


There seems to be no mechanism, which led me here. The seat seems to slide inside the hull with no device to lock it into place. I am usually pretty good at figuring things out, but so far I am drawing a blank on this one. Thanks for the help, and 5200 might be the best solution.

Are you sure it’s the original seat?
You should describe it in detail. A photo would be better. Then, people familiar with the Sealution could weigh in, and the pics would allow even the unfamiliar to make suggestions.

missing bolts
I sold a few Sealutions in the mid to late 90’s when I worked for an outdoor retailer and I don’t remember any of WS’s higher end boats having moveable seats. Most were bolted to the haul with stainless steel bolts. You might look to see if there are any small holes around the coaming. Have you tried to call WS to see if anyone there might have knowledge of that boat? They are a good company and would be willing to help if anyone who currently works there was working there when that boat was made.

Think you solved it
Yes, there are small holes just under the coaming. They have had a sealant placed inside of them prior to my purchasing the boat. Might just have to give WS a call and see if they might have some old hardware laying around that might help me or an idea on how to fix it. Thanks a bunch, people.