WS tandem spray skirt

Does anyone out there use a tandem spray skirt. We have a WS pamlico 145T and would like to get a spray skirt for the Giant cockpit opening. Anybody do this? Any safety issues etc…

Thanks in advance.

I’m in the same boat.

Harmony has one on their site.

We have…
a Walden tandem,and use a spray skirt. Works Ok as long as you dump any collecting water between paddlers every so often. On a recent trip we got caught in a torrential down pour,and skirt popped several times from ponded water. Put about 5-10 gallons of water in the boat until we took out. any wave action will also pop the skirt. Ok for spray,and warmth during cooler weather.Almost worthless in rough weather/seas.I am designing a mid cover bow support so cover can drain,and may improve water pooling problems.

Happy Paddling billinpa