WS-Tarpon 120 Rudder - Work on other WS?

I picked up a used Wilderness Tarpon 120 that came with a rudder. I’m finding that the Kayak works just fine with it up and never have it in the water. I’m looking at the Tarpon 140 and read where it’s good to have a rudder for that model. Question is can the 120 rudder setup be made to work with a 140 or other Wilderness system kayaks? Is there a compatibility chart for the rudder model?

I had a kayak with a rudder once.
Used it twice.Have a T 160 with no rudder - no problem.They are a help in strong currents but mostly get in the way - IMHO.

Rudder is Same
Will probably need longer cables, but actual rudder head and mount to hull is same.

same one! you may just need to splice a little rudder cable or replace (cheap enough)


what the others and String said… Still waiting for the carbon tarpon 180 “Stingray”… a few inches narrower, a few feet longer under stern rudder… 20 pounds lighter. Fore & AFT hatches If your going to dream dream big!!! Reality… the new 10’ bassmaster with self draining scupper holes, and molded in beer can holders… wooohoooo…

WS Tarpon 120 Rudder - Use on other WS
Thanks for reply. I agree it was un-necessary addition for the 120.

WS-Tarpon 120 Rudder - Work on other WS?
I thought that might be possible but did not want to assume without checking with folks who have been there.

Thanks for you response!

WS-Tarpon 120 Rudder - Work on other WS?
Thanks… Now I feel like I have to buy a 140 now just to find out.