WS Tarpon 140 vs 160 SOT

I am looking for a comfortable yak for both flat water, rivers, and camping. The 160 seems like it would track better, be faster/more efficient for flat water, and have more storage.

Any comments? How about a rudder?


Yup - my vote for 160
for all the reasons you mentioned.

I’d skip the rudder - but that’s me (after paddling well over a thousand miles in one).

160 and you don’t need a rudder

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unless you are in serious current a lot. What happened to the canoe? The perfect solution is to get both . You can paddle virtually anywhere then.
If you paddle a Tarpon in the winter, make sure you own some dry pants,mukluks, a paddling jacket, and some warm underclothes.But that is another thread and there are plenty in the history files.
The one objection I have to a Tarpon is that WHEN water gets in the seat,it stays there.I have an elevated seat(1") coming for that reason.

2 Boats
I have decided I need 2 boats. Both have to carry camping gear. I have learned about ways to lift them so weight is no longer the primary issue.

  1. First must be plastic for rocky rivers in SC.

  2. Second will be for flat, deep water (no rocks). Thinking about composite deck canoe here.

Everyone needs at least 2 boats.
I currently have 3.

I have 2 boats
a tarpon 140 and a QCC 700. I still use the 140 for windy days and bigger waves.

Inless you are diving or fishing, I would recommend the 160 because it glides better than the 140.

Rudders are always nice to have “Just in case”. I rarely use them, but whn I do, I need them.

Both are nice.
Id go with the 140 since i fish alot.For touring the 160 or Heritage Expedition would be better.If you want to save a few bucks keep an eye out at KFS.Jon will soon be getting/passing on a deal on T-140’s in yellow.Great guy to do biz with and has lot’s of hard to find item’s for yak’s.