WS Tarpon 140

How much water should my Tarpon have taken on in 2 hours of paddling. The water was smooth, for the most part. I did get out once, but I was pretty much dry at the end of the trip. When I started to load it, I bet there was 5 gallons in it. Is this supposed to happen?

NO! I have been out for hours in the
160 in very rough water and get a few ounces.

Were the drain plug and hatches tight? If the answer is yes, you may have a leak at a seam . I would set it in the driveway and fill the hull with water to see if it leaks. Look around the scuppers and the hull seam.

yes, they were…
just my luck. First the Cobra with the forklift hole, now this.

No, definitely not
I have a T-140 and I have had it grossly overloaded on multi-day trip (so it was ridin LOW in the water) and have never had any water get inside the dry part of the boat. From all that I have read and heard, it seems the ususal culprit is the seams in the scupper holes. You might try plugging them top and bottom with practice foam golf balls and taking it out. If there is no leakage (or a lot less leakage) then you know where to attack. Sorry that I can not tell you how to fix leaking scupper hole seams. Perhaps some of that miracle patch that Piragis sells. It is clear, flexible, very sticky, and supposedly durable.

bought it yesterday
I am not fixing it, I am taking it back.

Amen to that!
Demand a replacement.

Sounds like the typical
scupper-hole leak.

Settle for nothing less than a dry boat.

It took 3 replacements to get a “non-leaker” 120 for me…been lucky I guess with the 160’s, all have been very dry after a day on the water.

I’m sure you will have no problem getting it straight.

WS has always been a pleasure to deal with for me.


A defect as obvious as a leak should
never have left the factory. Sounds like faster and cheaper at work.

I remember a similiar thread
a few years back concerning serious leakage of WS Tarpons. Don’t recall the outcome though.



WS T140 Leaks
I’ve never personally had this problem with my T140 but I did talk to a fellow at the Kayak Shop that had a similar problem with his. Like the others said, probably a pin hole on a seam inside the scupper holes. At the time, he got his replaced without any problems. He has since moved up to a T160.

Since you have a 2nd chance, why
not get a 160? It is a great boat for vitually any water from class 1 rapids to more ocean than I’m willing to paddle in.