WS Tarpon question that I got no

response from when I asked WS .

There are no thigh strap attachment points; Why?

I find that odd in a SOT because if you get in some fairly serious water, you can get bounced right out without thigh straps.

I added attachment points in my 140 and will add them to the 160.

I’m Guessing Liability?

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"Mr. String was drowned in a boating accident on Lake Joccassee. Mrs. String is suing Wilderness Systems for a trillion dollars because the thigh straps entrapped him."

Or... maybe there just hasn't been the demand.

Fishing number one

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Priority = fishing platform

Kayaking is secondary and the lack of proper
Paddling Equipment shows it clearly to the world.

God Forbid anyone tell a fisherman how to kayak,
they know it all already and want nothing to do
with technique, posture, paddles, thigh straps, etc.

How many poles can I get on it - that's the priority

Website quote:
"""rigged for the ultimate fishing experience"""

Marketing and Target Buyers?
Though admit I’m not “in the loop” when it comes to kayak stuff, I’ve never gotten the impression that SOTs are used much for “serious” paddling, and that makes me think thigh straps are missing for the same reason thigh pads are missing from basic rec SINKs. The Tarpon also is heavily marketed as a fishing boat, and though I’ve never seen one, I’ve seen quite a few other fishing SOTs on display at Canoecopia, and to me, they seem to range from barge-like at worst, to mundane at best, because are all terribly heavy and are either very wide, or they have all sorts of strange and complex curvature on the bottom of the hull which unnecessarily increases the wetted surface area. I can’t imagine any SOT I’ve seen being used where paddling performance mattered. I keep hearing that some people like the performance of the longer Tarpon models, but I bet most buyers don’t think twice about that.

Maybe most buyers haven’t been in
3’ confused waves, but I have. I will not go in the ocean without thigh straps for that reason. Also, with thigh straps, a SOT can be turned like a SINK.

Necky has attachment points on the Vector SOT, but it was designed more for speed than fishing.

I wouldn’t have the Tarpon except my butt stays wet in the Vector which is not particularly comfortable this time of year.

Mine had them!
I had the original Tarpon 160 with the huge hatches in front and back. It had those bronze inch worms for the seat back and the thigh straps. It was set up really well.

Bean counters

Frank, my original had them also.


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A sit-on-top with that good ol' thigh strap built in

* Thighstraps allow a more 'secure' ride and enable
the boat to be eskimo rolled while still giving the
paddler the chance to exit the boat immediately if
need be. Stops you from getting washed off in big surf.

the vast majority of SOT users
do not use, and will probably never use thigh straps. The Tarpon has been rebranded as a fishing kayak and the need for thigh straps on a fishing kayak is almost non-existent. The Dagger Kaos (a surfing SOT) and Torrent (a whitewater SOT) have thigh straps because they fit the purpose of the kayak.

Tarpon Hatches Waterproof?
Are the Tarpon hatches even waterproof? I’ve heard they don’t seal as well as Tupperware style hatches…

The Tarpon has been rebranded as
a ‘Touring’ kayak by WS.

Re hatches: I had my 140 in waves and took several over the bow hatch. No leakage. You have to get in some really bumpy water to bury the bow because Tarpons have so much volume.

Thigh Straps
I have a Tarpon 160 and love it. The tarpon 140 has the same slide trax accessory system as the 160. WS sells tie downs to attach accessories. The uses are almost unlimited: backbands, cupholders, navigation desks, fishing rod holders. camera holders, sailing accessories. One option for the slide trax and tie downs are thigh straps. When I first bought my tarpon, I bought about 8 tie downs for my many accessories and I bought thigh straps. I have never used the thigh straps, they just hang in my garage. But they do easily attach using the slide trax and tie downs and any good kayak shop should have thigh straps. I have replaced the seat back with a backband, a imho a big improvement.

KMK, I thought that might be the answer.

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I attached my own thigh strap 'eyes' this morning. Easy deal if you have the eyes ,a drill , and some pop rivets.
That back band may also be a good idea. I need some more seat time to decide.