WS Tempest 165 pro damaged (FG)

My boat fell off the top of my truck, and landed bow first, deck down. The deck has a straight crushing fracture through it, about 18" from the tip of the bow, and the hull and deck are loose at the bow. Any thoughts on:

  1. ever happen to you?
  2. will it ever be normal again?
  3. does homeowner insurance cover this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



No, maybe, call
1) No.

2) Anything can be fixed.

3) Call your agent.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

I can’t imagine the scene when it dropped. I saw a QCC in Chattanooga that was dropped (not at the race) and the seam slip was 4+ feet long.

Another reason I like the forgivness of a rotomolded kayak.

Best of luck in getting it repaired.


It was ugly…
I was using J-shaped yak holders and my buddy started to slide it back towards him, I tried to stop him until I could get forward and brace the mid section, but gravity was faster than me. It spun and hit my concrete driveway full bore from 6 ft’ up. It was ugly…if it cannot be fixed I will be a rotomolded sea-yaker once again.

Screw the fg worries!


Similiar, but not as bad
The year before last I dropped my kevlar QCC from the top of my full size 4X4 pickup, as I was taking it off the roof and the wind caught it.

It punched a hole about five inches long and a inch wide in the bow just where it turns under the bottom of the boat.

I was lucky in the fact that it did not punch all the way through the kevlar, but it took off the gel coat and epoxy and left the kevlar exposed.

I called up QCC and talked to Phil, (who is no longer there) and he said to fill it in with two part epoxy and then after sanding it smooth, spray it with a coat or two of automotive white paint.

It worked like a charm and the boat probably has a few thousand miles on it since then.

If I had to repair it again, I think I would use gel coat over the epoxy rather than the paint, since the repair job is right where the bow hits the sand on a landing, and I have had to repaint it.

I doubt if your automobile insurance will cover it.


Jack L

Exactly why I hate it when people
try to help me load or unload my boats. Something always happens or I forget to do what I need to in order for the boats to be properly secured.

The answer is maybe. I’ve done hundreds of canoe and kayak repairs (commercially) and some insurance companies do have coverage for this under the homeowners insurance. Most of the time the customer didn’t know they had coverage for stuff like this as it was part of some ryder in there insurance package. Average deductible was around $500.00. Good luck.

Thanks for all your info…
I appreciate it greatly.


if you turn into
a kayak collector consider a separate rider on your insurance policy just for the kayaks…its not a huge amount per year