WS Tempest 170 PRO Color Photos

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I am considering purchasing a T170 pro. The WS site only shows the boat in red. They do provide a color chart, but it is difficult to appreciate the colors that way.
I would like to see some photos of real boats in real settings. DOes anyone have some links to photos?

The colors that I am most interested in seeing are all over white hulls: Orange, Olive, Skyblue, Red and Mercury.

I was thinking of yellow, but thought it migh cause a little too much glare.

I did find this picture which has a few of the colors but I woudl like to see a view more from the side.

Thanks in advance, Art

Mercury is Blue?
I think it looks nice. It’s a 165, not a 170.

No charge.

Blue is nice
Kudzo, Thanks for the quick response. I agree that the blue is nice, but it seems like that and red (which I also like) are the most common colors.

I would like to have something a little different. I currently paddle a mango (yellow/Orange) Tsunami so the orange might be a good match for me.

My Plan
When the deck gets all faded and scratched up I think I’ll paint it a medium to dark gray. Flat, not glossy. I think that would be easy on the eyes and look nice with black trim.

well now…
there’s always Jon’s page. There are alot of tempest shots and some outstanding sea kayak photos here:

The Olive is pretty tame and comes with a ivory hull. Yellow isn’t glarry at all, tho it is the most popular color, next to red. the red is deep. There are 2 blues mercury blue and sky. I know there are pics of both on Jon’s site. Cindy has sky over orange, it’s sweeeet. The orange is always nice, especially mixed with yellow! safety first!

good luck.


Is this a Tempest Orange over white?

And how do you make hyperlinks in the posts?



The olive tempest has an ivory hull, which can be harder to color match when making repairs than the white. Just something to think about.

that’s Deb Scarcia in her Orange and white 170. she traded down to a white over white blue trip 165 a while back.

adding links??? like you did??? cut and paste.


Olive is out. More photos???
Anyone else have more pictures of Orange,Red Yellow, Mercury or Sky Blue?

Over white hull would be porferable.

So far Orange is in the lead for me.


I typically pick visible colors. White, blue, grey, purple and green are invisible on the water.

on my 170p
i am going to have each gel coat fix on the white hull be red…blood red… :wink:

have you seen the show "Dexter’.

speaking of blood red!

fwiw- I have a T-165 that’s Lime deck/ red hull. we call it the chili pepper. it’s pretty striking. It was my mom’s, I inherited it when she passed away a couple years ago. sweet boat.


I have a T170 Pro that is yellow over orange, and my wife has a T165 Pro that is orange over yellow, each with a black belt. As it was said in a previous post, think of aesthetics, but also think of visibility.

Have fun.

Orange or red?

Looking through the other photos in the album confirms.

our red is quite deep and rich. goes good with lime green! :wink:


weight of colors
Thanks everyone for the input and photos

I saw a previous post that there may bea differnce in the weight of the kayak depeding on colors. I believe it was stated that orange was heavier than (not sure what the other color was.

Is this true? If so how much of a differnce could it make?

Thanks, Art

Gelcoat colors…

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It's said yellow is the heaviest followed by red.
Put them together and you get orange. :-0

I don't think it would be a measurable difference on a T 170

not much difference, tho I’m sure a google search will turn up some AR study on color vs weight.

go with what you like.


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