WS Tempest 170 seat..?

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I just purchased a demo WS tempest 170 in GREAT shape(maybe 2004 model).It seems there may be something small missing.Immediately behind the seat cushion(beneath backband) there is a space in the seat base which has two glue patches left behind from something missing.A small foam block perhaps?I am hoping someone with this boat could have a look and let me know…

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How big of a space?
I just took a look at my 2006 T170. The back of the seat pan base is solid plastic with a minor exception: There are two vertical ribs with just about 1/4" square cutouts at the bottom, presumably to allow water to drain out from under the seat.

There is a strap running from the bottom of the back band and screwed into the back of the seat base, to keep the back band from riding up your back. Do you have that?

How big is the space? A picture would help. I know, that can be a pain, depending on your camera and computer setup.

Paul S.

old style
you have an old style seat.

the new style is wider and a bit deeper so…more stability, less leverage over edging. this can be a good/bad thing depending on how you ‘fit’ in the boat.

a good dealer should be able to order you up a new style if you want to throw $150+ at your ‘new 2-U’ yak. IMO- TOTALLY worth it.

if not, a piece of foam glued in the gap will do or some folks ride without.


Thanks guys…
Mine is certainly the “old style” as Flatpick describes.The backband has two adjustable straps to the seat base,and two to the rear deck for adjustment.The space in question is about four inches wide and the lower backband straps attach on either side of it(on seat base).I will try to remember to get a pic up.

As for comfort,I have not yet had her on the water but did a fair bit of garage sitting since buying…and maybe half an hour or so in the shop prior to purchase and after adjusting knee pads and playing with the seat it seems pretty comfy.Snug I would say…yet comfy.

I hope this seat is not “less stable”…as this is my most advanced boat yet & I want to feel secure & be able to relax & enjoy…

Thanks again & I hope this may help further.


give her a sea trial and see.

couple of things that open up the cockpit: take out the seat pad. lowers the seat by 3/8" and would give you the ‘feel’ of the new style seat. move the seat aft up to 1.5" by removing bolts and re-drilling the seat. if you go too far your back ends up against the rim (not a good thing) but it does make for more knee/thigh room.


Those are great suggestions there,I will try a handful of hours on the water and see how it fits first before I change anything…I can’t wait!! I think it will be as comfy on the water as it is on the floor,but for now it’s a few short weeks of fun on a local river run(in SHORTER boats)as this section of river only works for a short time.

The space on the seat base back does not appear to have been anything integral to the seat structure so I’m not really worried but I still would quite like to know anyway.



block o’ foam
the seat was used in another boat, as well, so had the cut out for another application. don’t worry about it. if it hits wrong throw in some foam, if not…don’t worry…be happy.



Thanks again…
That is precisely what I wanted to hear Flatpick.I figured this may have been the case as the outfitting seems so complete & nothing else should be required for the setup anyway.I will not spend anymore time thinking about it & will instead continue to look forward to paddling her for the first time.I am excited.I just purchased the required skirt for the boat(seals sea-sprite…)my first neoprene deck.I am amazed at how tightly the thing fits.I am unable to pop it with one hand(easy w/my nylon touring skirts)It required two hands to free it,& considerable affort at that!This makes me a little nervous as I ponder the possibilities of having to wet-exit in a capsize(this will be my tippiest boat yet).Oh well,I guess it will force me to improve my bracing technique & finally learn to roll!!!



you may want to ‘practice’ a wet exit first. a controlled WE might be enough to take away some of that fear.

BTW- new skirts generally stretch out and become less tight in time.

great attitute about learning to brace and roll!!!

good luck


This is off topic…
but would like to say hi to Steve and thanks for a great design. Received a RM 165 from the U.S to Queensland, Australia a few weeks back and am really happy with how the boat paddles loaded and no load… well just me in it.

Lots of nice features and performs to expectations, good with GP too - a sea kayak to enjoy for the future paddles.



Sunshine Coast, Australia

definitely practice
in a controled environment (e.g. with someone else there spotting)

nothing can ruin your day quite like not being able to get out of an upside down boat

all you have
to do is mention the seat is comfy and it’s TOTALLY ‘on topic’!!!

=:-0) heehee

glad you like her and thanks! we tried to think out as many things as we could to make her a good’un!

so maybe someday we’ll stop by…always wanted to go to Oz!!!


Welcome anytime
sea kayaking is starting to catch on around here, good all year climate and some nice island destinations.

Theirs some great paddlin spots up in North Queensland like the Whitsunday islands plus others with lots of sun,sand and corals.

I’m in the Noosa area two hours north of Brisbane and would be happy to show you the place.

E-mail if your in the area.