WS Tempest Pro 165

I am thinking about buying a new glass 165. I have read all the reviews here but the most recent is about 1.5 years old. The big problem consistently reported is leaky hatches. I am wondering if anyone has more to add and more recent experience with the newest versions of this boat. Thanks

Very Happy With Mine

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If the hatch covers say kajaksport on them I think you'll stay bone dry.

What's a kajak?

Was he that bald headed guy with the sucker in his mouth?

nible is it? How well does it surf?

Tempest 165 poly
I had the chance to paddle a new poly Tempest 165 for the day in the surf. I like the boat, however at 5’10" 185 lbs. the combing destroyed my shins while exiting. Keyhole was smaller than I prefer.

There’s a Fix For That
If you move the seat back about 2 inches the shins do much better.

I’m 165 pounds and the boat handles nicely. A nice middle ground between tracking and turning qualities. For my weight it’s a much better boat than the T170. I’ve paddled a boat or two that had similar handling characteristics but had nowhere near the COMFORT for long trips.

Surfing… I’ve surfed a lot of wind waves in the sounds and the boat does a nice job. I can catch and ride as many waves as my buddy in his QCC700.

I usually paddle a Chatham 17, where the seat is nearly all the way to rear of the keyhole. The Tempest seat position just felt to far forward.

Tempest 165 Pro
is a bit different than the poly boat. Both are great, at my size, but as usual, the glass boat is better. I like the lower cockpit rim of the earlier boats better, but then, rolling is a big thing with me. The somewhat higher rim of the newest one doesn’t quite let me take advantage of the low back deck. This is a personal observation, and may not be significant to you. I liked the 165 better than the 170, and demo’d both the same day. The hatches were bone dry. I think leakage complaints were primarily addressed to the earlier plastic models. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a Tempest. Ken…

Me Too
It felt too far forward to me. My buddy took a reciprocating saw and removed all the unnecessary meat in the back. We bolted the front of the seat to the rear holes. Ahhh… much better.

If you get a chance to try a Zephyr you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Much more shin room. No modification necessary.

I bet that the China made
versions which are starting to filter in now will be just fine (no leaks if maintained according to the owners manual) (and lighter too).

Based only on my demo paddle of a China made glass 165 the other day.

I have a 170 poly but the 165 would have been a better choice for my size.

Now if I had something of value to bet…

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Never had a leaky hatch, but then again, I have a poly.