WS Tempest -Sea Kayaker mag review

Does anyone have a copy of this, from earlier this year? I just started my subscription, but can’t seem to get the review online. Thanks.

Adventure Kayak Mag review online

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See this back issue:

can’t see that one either, might you…
have an e-copy? Thanks.

Tempest review PDF
TacomaPaddler, I’ve got a PDF copy of that review on my desktop (found some other articles of interest from that online reprint, too). If you’d like it, send your email addy via the forum email, and it’s on the way.

Hey Tacoma!
Does that mean you went with a Tempest!?? Yipppeee!! Good for you!!! Yipppeeeee!!!

haven’t got one yet…
the platic boats are in a terribly short supply here in the Seattle area (except at REI, but all they carry is yellow), and there might be some on-going quality control issues at Confluence, though they have worked on those, I hear. A tacoma shop told me new Tempest orders aren’t coming in till October. (I’m looking for a “sand” color boat, but I can’t wait until October).

Confluence is loosing a ton of money because of these management issues.

sotyakr–is that the Kayak Adventure…
review? I haven’t been able to get that one, and would really appreciate it. Thanks!

the link

Get yellow - keep it dirty
You’re wasting good water time.

Adler Creek
in Portland (Flatpicks old store) has a couple of Tempests in stock. I know they had glass, not sure about plastic. This was when I was in there last Saturday.