WS Tempest skeg hose clamp

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A year or so ago on this board I read about a defect (IMHO) in the Wilderness Systems Tempest's [and probably others] method for attaching the tube that shields the skeg's cable (I'm sure there's a proper name for this sort of thing, what is it?).

The problem seems to be that they used a little steel (but not stainless steel) clip to hold the cable housing to the skeg box. See this picture:

and people said it would be susceptible to rust. I had kept that in mind, and this weekend, I checked mine again. Sure enough, as soon as I touched the thing and gave it a little flex, it broke in half!

I have now replaced it with a 1/4" stainless steel hose clamp (which is not entirely satisfactory to me, as the excess clampage sticks out at a really nice angle to hook any soft items I stuff down into the rear compartment. I have some more work to do...).

You might want to check yours.

- rob

Mine did that this weekend!
Haven’t put anything on it yet-but I have only been doing day trips and don’t utilize the rear hatch much.


That is one good picture.
Mine hasn’t rusted off… yet.


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Have you guys had any other problems with your tempests?


Nope-I love my boat!

don’t you love pre-production testing?
Just for fun try paddling the Tempest with a strong beam wind and waves of the stern quarter,with a dysfunctional skeg.

Easy things to do… open it back
up. rotate and retighten so there is less ‘hook’

Grab the clamp excess and sort of overbend it so extra ‘tail’ pushes against itself as if wrapped tight.

Split a piece of oversize tubing and pop it around the clamp.

I use duct tape
to cover the clamps and smooth out the sharp corners.

Duct taping a hose clamp

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I was thinking about that, but was wondering if wrapping it with tape will
1) keep moisture in there, accelerating the rusting process, and
2) obscure any rusting that's going on, so I won't see it and fix it.

Or is stainless just not gonna rust no how no way?

- rob

Just Checked Mine
Looks good. A little bit of rust stain on it. I smeared some teflon grease on it.

stainless will stain
but the previous metal clip was plain old carbon steel,corroding to nothing in salt water.

There are a wide variety
of small hose clamps used on newer model cars and outboard motors. Try a local marina or auto parts store.

Plastic hose clamp

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Go to an auto parts store and get a plastic hose clamp. Each end has teeth that engage to the other end. You move the teeth vertically to disengage, put over the hose, put your pliers onto each end and squeeze the ends together. The teeth engage as you squeeze. It will never rust. These clamps are very common on vacuum hoses on any modern vehicle. Easily disengaged for service and then re-engaged.

Here is a link:
Select Products > Category Clamps > Plastic Hose

Impala Bob

I’ll chime in as Flatpick is in Alaska (I think)

Tempest hose clamp has been up graded from the original pressure type clamp as it failed under saltwater use. The newer version is still pressure style clamp however it’s both stronger and anti corrosive, that said I would replace any older models 02 thru 04 with a ss screw style clamp that has worked best for the demo boats we use weekly often in saltwater conditions. This applies to plastic boats only as composite versions use screw type stainless steel clamp

FYI if not known there is a wider and lower seat in all 05 models; I can actually use hip pads now on 165!