WS Tempest speeds

I routinely race my Tsunami 175, and generally wind up 3rd place in the Geriatric division on the shorter more sprint like races, 3 mile and 5 mile.

Just to normalize the speeds for my boats as measured I’ve included the Hull speed Calculations so you can see that there it not a heap of the difference.

Tsunami 145 - 5.872 Mph
Tsunami 175 - 6.451 Mph
Tempest 170 - 6.358 Mph
Tempest 180 - 6.452 Mph.

There I wind up between 5.2 and 5.9 depending on conditions, and my son on his first race in his Tsunami 145, wound up at 5.24 mph. Complaining all the way that it was unfair because I had a faster boat than he did. (Of course he was 9th overall and 1st in the Juniors category out of a start of 60 adults and 20 Juniors.)

I just recently bought him a Tempest 170 because on paper it should be a faster boat and for about the first 2000 yards he was ahead of me. The boat having a slightly lower hull speed, is still faster as it has a much better glide than the Tsunami 175 so it’s more efficient stroke for stroke.

Since I fit in his boat at the end of our paddle I took it for an early paddle and was easily able to do a 5.72 MPH run that day over a 1/4 mile Edging loop. So it ought to be quite faster in a straight line. That same day I also ran the Tsunami 175 at 5.85mph (Straight line) over 3.11 mile

so at this juncture I’d venture to say the Tempest 170 ought to do (for me at least.) 5.8-5.9 mph. Since I did my blueprint test under same conditions and at the end of 3.11 miles in the tsunami when I was tired.

On a more marathon run, I’m a bit slower the only number I have here are for the Tsunami but based on the data above you can extrapolate.

over 10 mile race (Actual race was 10.3m but I calculated it on 10m) My time was 2hr 1min, 32s. which is about 4mph under less than ideal conditions.

On a 15 mile race (actual race was 15.5m) I ran it in 3hr 30m 1sec. My speed here is a guess as at mile 7.5 i broke my rudder cable and had to stop in NJ and make repairs. I spent about 30 minutes jury rigging some rudder control So my speed here was closer to 5mph.

finally I did a “Just to see if I could” run down the Schuylkill River approximately 33 miles. I did this in 9 hours, Probably some minutes and seconds. This calculates to about 3.6Mph, though I’ll admit I was probably faster as this incurred 3 portages. The first was an Easy one before the low dam there was a Dock I could easily get out on and a paved section where I could put the boat on the trolley and easily walk it below about 200 yards. The next portage was a bit more difficult as there was no easy out before the low dam, so I had to lift the boat up a 10ft incline and then drag it about 100 yards below the dam where I could put in. The last portage was at the Philadelphia waterworks. I had to Park the boat at the fish ladder and climb up a very steep embankment then cart the boat about 100 yards down west river drive, then find a way down to the water by one of the two bridges, luckily no one was in the homeless camp. The down was even tougher, as it was near vertical, I had to slide the boat down hold it in place and then climb down to the boats nose and slide it down again, wash rinse repeat 4 more times. So taking that all into account the Speed there was most likely closer to 4mphbut I’m going with he timed 3.6 I should also note at the first portage I stopped and had a beer with a local fisherman and shit the shit about his fishing spot.

So your Tempest 170 should probably have an all day cruise speed (without portages or screwing about.) of roughly 4.5mph to 4.8mph and a race speed depending on your shape close to 6mph.

I liked the Tempest’s 170 performance so much I went on a unicorn hunt, and Took a ride with @Jyak up to NY where I bought a Tempest 180 Pro to be my Race boat. I’m hoping when I get in race shape that I can push it in the sprints to 6mph or maybe a bit beyond.

So @Onski326 as they say YMMV (Your Mileage might vary.) but you should be able to hit the numbers I get or close to them, Jyak does and his and my paddling techniques are to put it bluntly different.

Also realize I’m an overgrown Sasquatch in my boats. 6’2" 243lb, and I workout when not waylaid by injury, daily on my cardio. 30 Min @4.2 Miles in a rowing machine. and 30 minutes @2.25miles on a Cross Country skiing machine. I can get through 45minutes before falling from aerobic exercise to anaerobic. And every other day I also do Strength training.

It helps with paddling but I’m not doing it necessarily for that reason, Doctor’s orders and all that.

You have the right boat to go faster so, What I would recommend for you is to try several different paddles, to find your most efficient paddle length and blade size for your style of paddling.

My optimal paddle is about 650cm/2 but I don’t have a superlightweight paddle in that size, so I’ve been running a 612cm/sq for all my races not ideal but no one makes a paddle that I’ve found that meet a specification of 26oz or less with a blade size of 650cm/2, which should let me push any of my boats to 6mph.

Hopefully this helps you a bit, now get out there and paddle.

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Thank you for the info Craig! That info is epic!. Very helpful.

No worries, I always capture data when I’m out in any boat that I’m in. If you want I can also give you paddles speed numbers for me over a 3.x mile course in an Aspire 105.

I was somewhere around 3.8 mph with top speed of 4.2 in terrible conditions. (It was a very wet day the wind blown waves head on would crash into the cockpit. 28" chop)

According to a complicated formula for calculating speed (and using a 16" waterline, your tempest can do 6.83 mph flat out (an athlete). Fit paddler (75% efficient) is about 5 mph.
Casual paddler 3.5 mph
I wouldn’t sweat it…unless you are competing.

10 miles / 2:1.5 = 4.9MPH…10.3miles/2hr1.5 = 5.1PMH

Not having my calculator handy, the maths was just a guesstimate. (while I was at work you know and doing my job while typing this up.) So any thing where I had to do math is going to be a guesstimate rounded down.

I also could have been looking at my speed info for the Aspire, where i was answering someone on FB (4.11 sounds right for that boat.)

but again it’s just to give the OP an idea what speed she should/could be seeing. and well as they say YMMV

Forget about calculations show me 5 mph cruise !

Break out your gear and lets go. Or better yet show up for this years dam bridge challenge.

Race at a dam? I guess a river? With or against the flow of the river?

Question is for anyone cruise in a tempest kayak at 5 mph no current or wind aiding? Cruise is how many miles 5 I would say minimum? Subject was cruising not a race.

There are apps for speed and time I have posted here before. Easy to use just plug in the numbers.

We need to have an app? We can’t just do the math anymore?

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Use a pencil or a calculator? :smiley:

I figure a lot of math, or at least as much as I can, in my head. I think it helps cognitive function. I can even memorize five words and identify a giraffe. :grinning:

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A calculatorhelps sometimes after a paddle or if planning a new trip late at night when the math brain is asleep. Working time & distance problems when paddling is fun.

10Mi With and against current.
3mi Across, Against and then back 45 to the current.
1mi Up against current, back with.

In any race you’re about 3 miles away from the dam, and seeing about 2-3 mph current.

and as for cruising 15 in 3hr - you do the maths, and still 30 minutes ahead of the next guy, actually girl, but I digress.

Point is either put up and show up or…

I’m running Average right now 4.99 with 5.8 top speed on lake, and the tuns are killing my overall speed. and this is still being injured with a torn Bicep ligament.

But then again you don’t trust GPS, even though measured distance over time yeilds me the same results as GPS. So I suspect you don’t trust that either.

Like I said show up or sit down.

@Onski326 I may be an outlier here speed wise.

I daily do 30minutes in a Rowing machine @ full resistance targeting 2.15 min/500 meters (of course from cold to that number it takes about 10 minutes I slowly accelerate from 2.20 to 2.15) with the goal of being able to sprint for the last 1000 meters. I usually wind up at 4 miles equivalent according to the gym equipment.

Then I hop onto the Cross country elliptical for 30 minutes at 50% of max resistance, Pulling/pushing on the handles roughly as hard as I would push/pull on a paddle high angle.

The goal here is to stay aerobic as long as possible but then again I do race, touring boat class, Masters Division. So my peaks being about 5.8 and some change MPH during the races, translates to a more sedate 4.99-5mph on the weekend paddles. (right now coming out of winter hibernation I’m out of shape for this) but then again I’ve been paddling now for some odd 43 years. So for my paddle style and ability I’ve hit my most efficient stroke where I can keep pace at a given output.

So I wouldn’t worry about your speed unless you decide to take up racing. Figure out what speed you run best at sustainable then work on technique.

I have a goal to hit 6 mph In the Tsunami but so far my absolute best, is 5.9 peak. (oh to be sure I can run faster-than that for about 1000 yards, but then I’m spent and probably cant even break 4mph. I figure I can maybe do it with a more efficient hull design as I’ve recently hit 8 mph in a Scull over 4.5 mph. To that end I found a tempest 180 which has (at least in the 170) a better glide than the Tsunami) that will probably become my exclusive racing boat, but will use the tsunami as my every day, as it provides what seems to be a better workout. ) Kind of like running in Combat boots then taking your PT test in track shoes.

but if you want to be faster you’re going to have to put the work in, you’ll have to build your strength to apply more force, and do a ton of cardio to make it sustainable. (Racing was much easier when I was younger.) and there’s no getting around that. It also helps if naturally you’re built like a gorilla to begin with.

But keep at it, eventually you’ll get there.

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Your brainstorm about me not trusting a gps came from?

No brainstorm your on words gave you up.

GPS works great currents & wind cloud the results. :laughing: