WS Tempest speeds

My 9 footer did.

Morning is best to avoid thunderstorms. Either day good for me, either Saturday or Sunday. Finding a day without wind will be a long wait.

I have a Tempest 165 and believe that the relatively flat bottom which is very stable sacrifices relative paddling speed. It seems to me that others with less fitness than I are able to paddle just as fast.

That could be true. A wider hull doesn’t sink as deep. Then we have to realize that speed isn’t the only factor considered in a design. Features such as maneuverability, load capacity, ability to handle harsh conditions, tracking or turning, and so on may be compromises we need to consider in selecting a boat. It’s up to the paddler to decide which features are most imporant, put it to the test and make the pick.

Blockquote Morning is best to avoid thunderstorms. Either day good for me, either Saturday or Sunday. Finding a day without wind will be a long wait.

Let’s think on Saturday at around 10ish. or do you want to do earlier.

The only question for me is do I want to being the tempest 180, or the Tsunami 175.

will follow up tomorrow to finalize in mail.

I’ll have the 175. You’re call. The come ts ftom @Bevkaiser about the 165 Tempest made me think. Consider the 180. Is your son available? If so, he could bring the 170 Tempest. 10:00 is very good time on Saturday. Will confirm around 8:00 on Saturday.

I don’t know what went on in that last message. My phone does weird things. I’ll be bringing the 175 Tsunami. The post by @Bevkaiser about the 165 Tempest made me think. Perhaps the Tempest excels at other things rather than speed. Bring the 180. Won’t hurt to gain experience in it.

Well from what I saw the 180 turns in half the distance that the 175 Tsunami does, it also doesn’t lose speed in a turn. So even though it went slower, in my flawed test, it in the turns still went faster.

I just paddle harder in a turn. My goal is to keep speed.

I do that too, but it was interesting to see that at the exact same output the Tempest 180 didn’t lose any speed, that was the key bit. This means with the proper paddle I should be able to actually accelerate through a turn.

Providing I remember to pull up the skeg.

That was the other thing where I find the Tsunami is affected by having the rudder down, the Tempest didn’t seem to be affected at all.

@Bevkaiser you may have something here I also have a 170 tempest and paddling it under the same conditions it was .1 mph slower than the 175 tsunami, and I chalked that up to the difference between hard and soft chine.

Paddled my 175 Tsunami with @Craig_S, also using a 175 Tsunami and his son in a 170 Tempest. I think the 175 Tsunami has the edge. Craig knows how to swing a high angle paddle with a very clean no splash entry.

It was a good day and I wanted to go further, but the boy was spent and I didn’t want to leave him out solo due tot he high amount of boat traffic.

After 6 miles I still had plenty of go in me he on the other hand did not.

you and I will have to go out again without the boy.

Agree. He didn’t do bad at all.

Agreed, he didn’t do bad for his second outing this year.

though he should be taking it more seriously this year as he has an upcoming race.

He needs to learn to pace himself and run his own race. He did well for 2nd time out.

I haven’t read the whole thread because if printed in book form it would be over 200 pages. :slight_smile: Just chiming in to say I paddle a Tsunami 165 for fitness 2-3x/week in a wide range of conditions, everything from dead-calm, glassy smooth water to 15-20kt winds and 2-3 foot waves. I’ve recorded hundreds (maybe over a thousand?) of GPS tracks in the 3-6 mile range, and my average cruising speeds are at the very slowest 4mph (3.4kts), and that’s paddling upwind into 2-3 foot waves.

My average cruising speeds in all conditions is around 4.5 to 4.75mph (right around 4kts). In light winds and relatively smooth water, I can easily maintain 5mph (4.3kts) for hours.

Again, this is in a Tsunami 165, which presumably is slower than a Tempest.

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I run a Tsunami 175 and 4.8 is my tooling about speed when I’m not in any kind of hurry. My race speeds are closer to 5.8 over 3 miles and 5 over 15 miles.

I’ve also run my son’s tempest 170 over 3mil to see how it faired and it was for me 5.7 mph.

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4 mph in 3’ waves upwind in a 165 Tsunami, Spectacular :star_struck:

Wind speed was?

Any videos?

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Excellent. What paddle?

Craig_S has been testing the 170 Tempest and 180 Tempest. We both typically use the 175 Tsunami. Last weekend, we paddled together. Wind was variable but under 10 mph. Outbound was on an rising tide that ebbed, and we were against for a time on the way back. Our speeds were comparable to yours. Craig paddles high angle and I padfle low angle. First time I had the opportunity to paddle with someone who actually knew how to paddle efficiently. Unfortunately, we didnt have the time to go far and only got in 8 miles.

The 165 Tsunami is .25" narrower, 1 foot shorter and 3 lbs lighter, but close enough.